Saturday, November 30, 2013

Russell Clan Matriarch Passes at Age 91.

Loraine  Russell Wobbe, passed at 91 years.on 11/29/13 in Tacoma, Washington

It is with a surreal mixture of Sadness and Joy that I share this..  My eldest sister, Lorraine Wobbe passed on to her reward last night, November 29.  Her Grandson Kenny and family were her caregivers, and remaining family.  Her daughter Patti, and son David, had passed already.  She is survived by her Grandsons Kenny and Johnny, and their kids.
Her sister Mary Anne is standing behind her in the foto above, taken on her 90th BD., along with Brothers Joel, Jimmy, and Patrick.  Thank you LORD for giving her the peace that surpasses all understanding through Christ.  Amen

Friday, September 20, 2013

I recently caught a program by Sid Roth featuring the author Erick ?, exposing the threat that the Is lamic Brother hood posed to the US, all of Christianity and the Western way of life. He pointed out a  document uncovered by Swiss Police called "THE PROJECT"
This plan is already in Stage 4 of implementation in the US. 
I just googled the organization in my area, and these dudes are everywhere.  My friend Ron's daughter has even converted to Islam, and she was formerly a staunch christian believer.
Prayer changes things, so get busy folks. 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hi Fellow Humans.
The Truth is out there somewhere.  How aboutHERE?
Want to be part of a new reality series featuring an accomplished author,
musician, screen writer and soon to be film,  based on THIS LINK