Monday, April 27, 2009

Give Thanks

Greetings Y'all,
Thanks for stopping by. Please leave me a note or something so I know this isn't just a flat waste of time.
I have been struggling to keep my head screwed on, and really seeking God's help.
1. Wahing machine died. God put it on a Brother's heart to buy one for us. God bless him 100 fold for his kindness to us.
2. Got signed up to reduce property taxes. The tax master discounted the real estate taxes by nearly 66%. Someone paid that tax bill for us also. Thank you God.
3. Septic system in yard was failing. This is a Very Expensive problem. God put it on someone's heart to pay for that as well. If and when we sell the home, that will be reimbursed.

All I can say is "Thank you Lord!" Bless those who have given unto You by giving unto us.

God is Great!