Monday, January 31, 2011

God's Kingdom Ministry - Is the FED being overthrown by China?

There has been a huge amount of activity in the spiritual realm. There have been heavenly signs, such as Comet Hale-Bopp, with its twin tails which spent months passing over the earth. This was a heavenly sign for imminent change. The twin tails representing the culmination of the age in which we live. There has been the unveiling of a 13th sign of the Zodiac, which is quite mysterious. The world's currencies have been tottering for decades, but now are about to collapse in order for a one world currency to replace it. It appears the world is about to go on a gold backed standard, and there is a lot of hustling by the nation's finance ministers to manage this. The US taxpayers took it in the shorts and have been betrayed by its own leadership through corruption. All of the money that has disappeared seems to have gone into the bankers hands. They manipulate the nations at will through the loaning or withholding of funds. Nations cannot go to war without the financial blessing of the money people.
The New World Order agenda clearly states that they wish to reduce the world's population by billions. They have been secretly
consolidating and manipulating our food supplies through genetically modifying the food. One source I read said that the farmers fed some of the juice from the corn to bees, and it killed them. We are being fed this same corn, especially the Latinos because they eat lots of it. This GMO corn, with ties to Monsanto and other chemical companies, is designed to affect the fertility rate and can cause abortions or miscarriages.
In addition to the corn, they have been putting a toxin called "aspertame" in the food supply. Aspertame can cause up to 92 different diseases such as tumors and palsy. This is know to be used in over 6000 foods. It is approved by the FDA for food consumption. Whoever approved that should be hauled into court and sentenced for treason, betraying the American people. Again, this is due to corruption at the top levels of big Chemical and government lawmakers. They have betrayed us all, and are killing their own families as well.
Many people have grave concerns over the materials that are being injected into us citizens, under the guise of "protection from disease". I no longer have any faith in the Food and Drug Admin, the NSA, the FBI, the CIA, Homeland Security, the World Health Organization, or the Center for Disease Control. I don't think any of them speak the truth. They parrot what they are told to be the current chain yankers.
All of these that work for the government have sworn oaths before man and God that they would uphold the Constitution of the United States. They same people seem to be working to bankrupt the nation, line their own pockets, and assist the NWO in its population reduction agenda.
God is not blind to these shenanigans, and every person will give account at the end of his life. God Himself is LOVE, and if the work being done is not from love, it won't pass His Righteous judgment. We need the power of God now, more than ever, to reveal the LOVE of God to the world. Its not right that one man makes 100 million dollars a year, by robbing the poor, while millions are starving to death because of that greed. There is a day of reckoning, where things will come back into balance. I see the pendulum beginning to swing back towards the right. Please be one who places his trust in the Living God, whose Son's name is Jesus. He is the Messiah. He is the Savior of the world. He says to love your enemies, and forgive those who treat you badly. He says, "Vengeance is Mine, I will repay". I believe Him. He is totally Lovable. He is my "Abba Father". Who is your God?
God's Kingdom Ministry - Is the FED being overthrown by China?

Friday, January 28, 2011

The Chinese are Coming!

The following link comes as a big shock to me. Why have we not heard anything in our press, major media, newspapers, etc. about this?
It appears that the United States is being reformed into a different nation with the Chinese form of communism as its government.
The LORD told me in 1999 that America's power was being given to the Chinese. I wasn't sure I heard correctly, but the ensuing years and changes in events reveals the truth of that word.
I now see Chinese announcers, owners, etc, all over the media networks. We used to only see Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan, but now there are Chinese news anchors on most airwaves now. America owes China billions of dollars in balance of trade deficits. The Scripture says that the "borrower is servant to the lender". We are a bankrupt nation on the very precipice of the worst economic collapse mankind has ever faced.
There is massive collusion between the governments, big business, including the Medical profession, and Big Pharms, not to mention the bankers. Us Christians, Jews, and Muslims all believe in God. None of the Communists do. The only value placed on human life is how much money or work can it do for the bankers, who actually own everything. These same people are planning to reduce the world's population by up to 90% according to the Georgia Stonehedge.
There is a new pseudo trade law called the "Codex Alementarius" which will kill or slowly kill of up to 3 billion people, and we are all being drawn into it. This "codex" is requiring all beef to use "bovine growth hormone" which is insane, except for certain chemical and drug companies who sell it.
Same with flouride in the water. The Nazis learned that fluridation makes a passive poplulation. Our people only care for the latest weather reports, what the actors are wearing, the latest fashions, or who won what ball game. We are being dumbed down intentionally in order for the New World Order to take this nation over as slaves for the bankers. They want to take away all of our weapons, so we can't defend ourselves, and then kill off the "useless eaters". They have no desire to care for our elderly, and probably will dismantle all of our social security programs. Don't I sound enthusiastic about the future? Hmmm... I hope I am wrong.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Prophecy! MESSIAH REVEALED! - Is He Coming Soon REDUX

Here is something that should really get you to wake up. Here is a 108 yr old Jewish Rabbi reveals the Messiah's name
on his deathbed. Its just a short, but very profound video.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

As the Sky Darkens, the Light begins to Shine

You know, each and every one of us has to have a hope for the future.  In the political times we live in, all mankind is suffering, except those with deep pockets.  At least it may appear that way, because money does not cure all evils.  In fact, it is the love of money which has led the world down this path towards certain disaster. "Unless God build the house, they labor in vain that build it".   

God has been kicking everyone's idols in the backside.  Its like the Ark of the Covenant being taken into the
temple of Dagon.  The idol didn't fare so well.  Freaked out the idol worshipers.  I relate this to people placing all of their faith in money, or the government, or anything except the One Living God who created us all. I believe Him to be All Present (Omniscient), All Powerful (Almighty), and His Character, I believe, is LOVE.  Good Stuff!  He is also Holy, Loving, Caring, Forgiving, Generous, and disciplines the ones He loves.  Generally, if one is having a bunch of grief all the time, you can bet your booties that person is violating some law of God or other.  The Good News is, we can change.  
I believe the Comet Hale-Bopp is a heavenly sign which signified a major event.

Obama ran for President with the promise of change.  Change can be either good or bad, depending on whether you benefit from it or not. My prayer is that God will remove the wicked counselors from around the President, and will replace them with righteous, wise, just counselors.  We don't need any more corrupt officials.  We need leaders with balls, who will stand up and say, NO!  Lets turn this nation around. Our own wicked ways have drawn these disastrous events on ourselves.  Somewhere in the Bible, it points out that the "shed blood of the innocent cries out for revenge", and "vengeance is Mine, I will repay says the LORD".  It gets really spooky when you realize that the "wicked which is thy sword" (Psalm 17).  

So now we got these 50 million or so killed babies.  We call them "fetuses", instead of babies, which is what they are. We snuffed out a bunch of potential doctors, lawyers, and nurses, taxpayers, all of whom would have contributed to the growth and strength of our nation.  That is a lot of shed blood, and these little unborn infants have been heard on high, in the spirit realm.  We have become as Rome before she perished by foreign invaders.  God has seen our sin, our utter lack of repentance, our lusting continuously after every evil way.  Our cities are filled with violence.  Humans acting in utter depravity, and the more depraved, the more it screamed for. 

Madmen blowing themselves and as many as they can take with them, blow themselves out of their personal hell, and bring a lot of innocent people with them.  God don't dig that too much.  At least, not my God, the One who created us all.  He's tough.  He's got Angels.  He can smack 185000 fools dead with the order to an Angel of Death.  He can do anything He desires, and will do everything He declared by His prophets.  
We are at the end of all ages as we have ever known them.  The New World Order actually intends to significantly reduce the population of the world.  The have the money, since they own the banks.  They own the armies of the world, since none of the nations can function without the bankers saying yay or nay to the wars.  The Big Business who sell planes, boats, cloths, guns, trucks, uniforms, boots, etc love the benefit of war, since it lines their pockets quite handsomely.  They are very good friends to the US Govt purchasing offices, and are most generous in contributing to the election of any official who can help them get the next profitable contract.  Trips are made, deals are arranged, possibly a palm or two crossing with silver for favors rendered.  Love of money is the root of all evil.  
At the same time, as darkness overshadows the earth in greed. lust, and decadence continue, the Light of Hope is arising.   No amount of darkness can put out the Light of Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God, born of a virgin, and fulfilled hundreds of ancient prophecies.  He even arose from the dead. He died for the sins of all mankind, yet He is hated for His very kindness.  The evil want to walk in darkness and the Light of Christ causes them guilt which they cover by acting angry.  He even forgives them. He loves all of His creation, and all men  are created equal.

The LORD has now begun to strengthen His Church, and is revealing His Glory with great power all over the earth. "All the earth shall be filled with the glory of the LORD just like the waters, cover the sea".
The Church has to date, received the "earnest" of God's promises when He sent the Holy Spirit to keep and lead us at Pentecost.  We are about to experience the FULLNESS of His Spirit, even as Jesus Christ was walking in it. Little Children are working miracles as everyday expectations in Africa.  How exciting is that?  Can you imagine little kids rushing to see who gets to pray for the blind or deaf first.  Check out Heidi Baker's ministry.  Bless them all!


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What's Ahead in 2011?

Greetings, fellow strangers and pilgrims in the land.....

The past year has been one of many prophetic signs that are being fulfilled in our midst.  The weather is a sure indicator that the land is spewing the people out of it.  Fire storms, record highs and lows both being broken everywhere, rainfall and flooding unprecendented in recorded history.
Prices are unstable in all areas, with fuel and energy bills topping new levels of suffering for the very poor.  Housing has collapsed with millions being foreclosed on by unforgiving bankers, with the news predicting millions more to be foreclosed this year.  The banks are sitting on millions of empty homes, with no hope of recouping these losses.  This has crushed the building industry.
On top of that, millions of people have lost their jobs, are in despair, and desperate to find a place to live, food to eat, and money to do any of this with.  To me, these are indicators of America's fall from its exalted position as world leader.  Our enemies have infiltrated every level of our government, including the military, political arena, and our religious institutions.  Our Republic has been given into the hand of the One World Government, without the consent of the governed. 

The good news is that these have all been used by God to bring us Americans to our knees, to humble ourselves before Almighty God, repent of our wicked ways (especially lust and greed), and turn to Him with all of our hearts.  In Jeremiah 29, He tells us He will reveal Himself to us when we seek him with ALL of our heart.  You can't be a "half-hearted" Beleiver.  That would make one a lukewarm Christian, and only fit to be spewed out of His mouth.

I share the above to share the following prophetic overview given to Pastor Michael Delorenzo of "Our Father's House Ministry" in Des Moines, Washington.  I have been friends with him for many years and attest to the fact that he is a man of prayer and fasting, and does not share this word lightly.  The following is what the LORD gave  for the days just ahead.  A wise man sees the danger coming and hides himself from it, or, does whatever it takes to get out of harm's way.  My spirit bears witness with the following:

Run, leap, dance & play like you used to. Forget about what's normal for your age - because frankly - normal stinks. Watch our video.word for 2011by Mike De Lorenzo on Tuesday, January 4, 2011 at 4:13pm

Word of the Lord - Year 2011 by Prophet Phyllis Ford

January 1, 2011

This is a compilation of the Words that the Lord began to share with me during the months of October-December. Those that are in quotes are exactly as it was spoken, others were visions, and others were direct words spoken to me. Pray about what God will have you do after reading this word. Because after spending time in word study and prayer over this prophecy, I feel that we are entering into a process for us to ultimately come into the place that God wants us. This means, individually, as a body of believers, and as kingdom citizens and a part of the mighty government of God in the earth. This includes God’s plan for those who will enter into his kingdom in this coming year. This remains a sober time of seeking Him, knowing Him, and obeying Him.

As we go into 2011, the Lord said no more business as usual ----He has drawn a line of demarcation and there shall be sudden change - sweeping changes - and the Lord will begin to release his judgments, his power, and his glory upon the land for change, for transformation, and for repentance. And there will be a great humbling coming over the land---for the Lord is shaking everything that is not of Him. Some very sobering events will take place even upon the first month and upon the first days, saith the Lord.

Prophetic Word 2011

“For I am preparing my remnant to go forth in this hour to set the captives free and fulfill the calling that I have placed upon them to reestablish the truth and the integrity of my word in the lives of my people. For I have called them with a holy calling and I have given them a heavenly mandate that the establishment of kingdom rule and reign must be implemented at this time for now. And I will restore order, and my glory shall be upon my people. I shall fulfill my covenant, and my glory will come upon them as light shining out of darkness. And all shall know that the time has come, for a new day is at hand, says the Lord. For many will rise up and know my heart and understand my plans, for their time of manifesting my will and purposes will be clear. They will walk with my mandate upon their feet, their hands shall be ready to win and to war, and their mouths will be filled with the utterances of my truth----for the time is at hand and the acceleration has begun, and my hand shall be mightily upon the land to touch the hearts of those who are open to receive my love and grace.”

“I will breathe life into my lineage of priests, for the very hour is at hand. They will move upon the land with great determination and faith, and I will take them into places and realms that they have never experienced.”

“There are those whose prayers and utterances have come up before me, and they shall rejoice because I am raising up a people in this day that will build up the waste places in the lives of those who have lost their way. They will restore the foundations for many generations to come, and they will be known as repairers of the breach.”

Isaiah 58:12 (Douay-Rheims translation) And the places that have been desolate for ages shall be built in thee: thou shalt raise up the foundation of generation and generation: and thou shalt be called the repairer of the fences, turning the paths into rest.

Isaiah 58:12 (Darby Bible Translation) And they that come of thee shall build the old waste places: thou shalt raise up the foundations that have remained from generation to generation; and thou shalt be called, Repairer of the breaches, restorer of frequented paths.

Start With a Strong Consecration----and Follow His Instruction

“It is important that you start your course moving forth in the right direction with a strong consecration upon your life, for you are not your own and your life must move toward the path of the destiny that I have called you to—you must walk in a diligence that will create a new discipline in your life now. You must follow my instructions carefully---There is, along with this great move of my Spirit, much trouble in the land, even upheaval in government within your own nation.

Many uncertainties have frustrated and set confusion in the midst of many. The lack of faith has troubled the minds of many who have lost hope. But I have positioned you so that you can reach out and help others who have fainted and are without strength.”


Major Theme for 2011

The Lord showed me that this would be the year that the “Hidden things” would be revealed.

Mark 4:22 For there is nothing hidden which will not be revealed, nor has anything been kept secret but that it should come to light.
1 Corinthians 4:5 Therefore judge nothing before the appointed time; wait till the Lord comes. He will bring to light what is hidden in darkness and will expose the motives of men's hearts. At that time each will receive his praise from God.

He revealed to me some of the Hidden things that would be revealed this coming year.

· Hidden manna
· Hidden wisdom
· Hidden revelation
· Hidden treasures
· Hidden doors (of opportunities)
· Hidden evil in the hearts of man
· Hidden governments (systems, organizations)
· Hidden agendas
· Hidden riches
· Hidden mysteries
· Hidden iniquity

Intercessors and watchmen throughout this year—pray that everything that is hidden be revealed in this time. The Lord said that the more that comes to light will reveal even greater truth and uncover more deception.

Hidden Enemies

The Lord began to show me the spirit of behemoth and the spirit of leviathan as two distinctive types of pride as well as enemies of the kingdom even how these two spirits will help facilitate the future work of the Antichrist Spirit. (More of this to come.) Leviathan and behemoth will be covered in detail on our website later this month.

Trouble in our Financial Structure and Supernatural Provision

“The entire financial structure as you know it now will begin to further decline, and by mid-year it will suffer collapse. So you must prepare and be ready to set certain safe-guards; to hear my voice, and allow me to physically shift finances and means for great necessities into your hands. Even when those tangible means will no longer get you through, I shall lead you, guide you, and direct you; and it will become evident that I am here to supply your needs according to my riches in glory.

I will open up wells of resources for you - supernaturally. So as you stay before my presence, I will teach you how to survive in situations that will seem almost impossible. And it will be a tremendous struggle for those who refuse to hear my voice and harden their hearts with pride and rebellion. I will open up wellsprings from dry places, so that my people will not only be sustained but it will literally save a people who will turn their hearts towards me. So you must prepare yourselves now.”

Wealth Releases

There will be several wealth releases and transfers in the body of Christ within the first four months of this year. The Lord will also give instructions and give great wisdom on how to receive wealth. Others will be favored by people of wealth who will be converted into the kingdom this year.

Watch and Pray, Be Sober and Vigilant

“For there will be a time that by the gentle hearing of my voice---I will lead you out of the path of destruction. For there will be traps and even snares that the enemy will try: from plots of terrorism to uprisings. There will be battle plans for a war that will heavily affect your nation. (There are regions along the east coast that I saw in a vision that will require much prayer, because the enemy wants to destroy them.) You must be quick to hear, obey, and respond. Pray and watch, so that you will follow me as I lead you through---for I will guide you in the darkest of times, the height of fear, and even the noisome pestilence.

There will be much that will occur to try to instill fear in the hearts of the people, but watch and pray against these things as they are distractions to keep you from walking in faith and staying focused. The enemy will attempt to destroy key people who are over key assignments from fulfilling my will. But my intercessors will see in the realm of the Spirit and become a shield to those that I reveal to them, and much will be averted. Also, I am placing my angels, my angelic host, in your very midst for protection, for strength and to stop the very plans of the enemy.

So be sober and vigilant. Be peaceful and calm, so that you may be alert and ready for the evils that will lurk in the very midst of this nation. I will raise up allies who will be a strength to this nation, and many of the plans of the enemy that are in place concerning the government and broadcast in the media even posted on the internet will be uncovered and exposed. There will be more trouble because of water shortages and water contamination. Storing up food will be an important necessity.”

Conspiracies Within Europe and Asia

There are some who are placed within this nation who are working for the benefit of other nations and they will be uncovered. Hidden plans from within Russia and China will unfold and hidden alliances will be revealed. There will be a conspiracy that will be uncovered concerning agents, out of London and Germany from some organization in Europe, that were working in the United States. Much will unfold about this and other things from March through July 2011.

 Conspiracies Within the U. S.

But the conspiracies within the political arena in our nation will be even more treacherous. The banking system will be in great crisis by mid-year, and much of what we have seen in the stock market has been mere window-dressing. There is a major assassination plot that is already being planned. (It was not revealed to me as to whether it would be averted.) And there are hidden men of power that have decided these things. There is also one who is a major figure in government, but who is working behind the scenes, that will be uncovered; and because of what he knows –He will fear for his life.

A major chemical company will be under fire for a medicine that will be proven to be dangerous, only to find out that the ingredients have been tampered with.

Pray for Leadership in the Body of Christ

“The church will be under a microscope this coming year—there will continue to be an uncovering of hidden iniquity. Secret sins amongst leadership will not be tolerated, and judgment will begin and has already begun in the house of the Lord. There will be those who are strong in the faith that will release their mantles as they pass on into glory. They will be missed and honored for the great contributions that they have made in the cause for Christ.

Some will die in shame because of their uncovered iniquity; the question will be asked, ‘Are the leaders in the work of the Lord passing on prematurely?’ Much intercession needs to be exercised to cover our leadership in prayer. It is also important that leaders be wise in taking care of themselves physically by maintaining healthy lifestyles in this hour.”

“I am raising up those with the power of my grace and anointing to grow and mature as my people that will do great exploits in this hour. For they will not be identified by their credentials or titles but by their heart and obedience to the call that is being placed upon the Body—they will be trained, prepared, and ready for deployment. And they will rise up and pastor their communities with truth and grace. They will rise up and evangelize their neighborhoods and regions with power and light. And some will rise up and will teach the youth and get them ready for the days ahead. And I will raise up those who will prophesy to the nations (nationalities—every kindred, nation, and tongue). I will raise up those with great integrity and compassion to father those who are fatherless by the apostolic grace of my anointing, says the Lord. So now arise and assemble yourselves to be prepared, because the trump of the Lord is blowing and it is time for great work to be done.”

Rising Nations in Asia

China, India, and Japan will rise up in this hour with not only industrial strength but financial fortitude. Technology will be strong and inventions will emerge that even Britain and the U.S. have not discovered. Towards the end of 2011, there will be assistance, surprisingly, coming from two of these countries to help the U.S.

Hollywood and the Music Industry

Key people in Hollywood and in the music industry will change their lifestyles and begin to profess their lives as Christians. They will be openly professing their faith to others without any hesitation. There will also be some shocking and even starling deaths in Hollywood in this coming year. This will cause such a shaking, until some will answer the call to go to that region to evangelize Hollywood and the music industry, seeing them as a viable mission field. There will be some startling occurrences happening concerning occult activity with tragic endings. All of these things will prove to be a sobering time for many and cause the lives of men and women across the nation to turn to the Lord and surrender their hearts to Him.

Given by Pastor Michael Delorenzo,
Our Fathers House Ministry

Please prayerfully meditate on these words, and see what God would say to your heart.