Thursday, October 7, 2010

Every End is a New Beginning

Our condolences to Mary Strand, Doreen's Mother just lost her only brother Gordon to
cancer up in Canada two days ago. Mary is also struggling with breathing herself, after smoking for 60+ years. She has to struggle for every breath. She is fighting depression as well, spending most of her time alone. Her husband is gone, and her sister in law, Lorna, just passed away last month at age 95. Mary is very sad and lonely right now. Our hearts and prayers are with her. There is no way she can make his funeral.
Good news folks! We are just about at the end of our struggle. If the NWO has its way,
about 6.5 BILLION of us will be dead, with a mere 500 million humans remaining. They have been genetically altering our food, spraying poisons (called pesticides) on the food to render us sterile. They have been putting other poisons like Floride (an industrial waste product) in the water. It causes sterility and bone degeneration from what I read. They have also been putting ASPERTAME in the food supply (up to 6000 food products and beverages contain this toxin. It has a minimum of 92 KNOWN side effects that can affect humans, and ALL of them are bad. I think we should bring legal charges of attempted murder against the FDA and Monsanto chemical for this evil. How long are we gonna tolerate this. If we resist, we die. If we don't resist this, we also die, but painfully slow, with the medical and pharmaceutical industries taking the last of your cash for medical treatment that they caused in the first place.
I think its best to become a vegetarian, or grow your own food, then you know what you are eating.
Lets send all of our Armed Forces overseas, at $1 million per man. We really need to protect our security in Afganistan and Iraq, not to mention the other 42 nations we have armed troops in. We also have hired additional 150,000 cops to control us, under the guise of "terrorist protection". We have given our banking rights to the NWO who fully intend to eliminate all of the Christians, Jews and Muslims from the planet. It is the MEDIA, controlled by 5 families that is creating all of this evil.
The banks, corrupt politicians, in union with Big business, the medical community at large who are doing this. If they can't kill us one way, they will try another, their goal always being to reduce the earth's population.
Maybe I am just paranoid, and this is all bull shit. I don't trust no one no more, especially the judicial branch of government. The cops around here been killing off people like flies. One kid I know got shot 12 times for allegedly stealing a car. I think it was the 4 bullets in the back of the head that did him in. His name was David Young, and he was only 23. I expect they will find some pretext for killing me, just because I am speaking out against this senseless violence. Lets get the bad cops and politicians out of office. Lets keep them under constant watch, like they are doing with us. Cameras and spies everywhere. Where is America, the Land of the Free?