Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Condition

Hi There,
Today is June 3 and wife and just returned from grocery shopping. I spent all we had except for $3. That is enough for one gallon of gas. We are in God's capable hands and He shall certainly provide for all of our needs.
Car is dead and needs new engine.
The NWO is becoming more manifest. Keep your eyes open for "sustainable".
That is the New World Order catchphrase. If its not sustainable, than it is disposable.
It appears that the economy is recovering a bit. I know by the Spirit that this is nothing more than a temporary pause. I expect that in the 4th Quarter things will start declining again.
What we are witnessing is a resurgance of the spirit that drove Adolf Hitler in the 1930's. God told me that this same spirit had taken up habitation in the United Nations. I believe that we will continue to see enhancements in the power of the executive branch.
I have read of the construction of remote prisons.
I expect to see the declaration of Martial Law this year sometime. I expect to see a massive increase in strong arm robberies, thefts, and bank robberies.
In addition, I expect to see a huge increase in inflation which is nothing less than a continued decline in the purchaseing power of the dollar.
God says to pray that you may be accounted worthy of escape the trial which is coming on all flesh.