Thursday, November 25, 2010


Hi Everyone,
I trust you will actually read this. My mind is blown because of what is happening to my friends, as shown below. Obama Care is doing in the
Elderly, the infirm, and the incapacitated. This is for real. Please pray and do something, anything, that turns this around.

Thanks Pat...

I have a special request.. God has prompted me several times to make you aware of the following.

I don't know how much aware you are of the growing elder/disabled/vulnerable abuse. It is at a crises in our country...Many disabled/elderly/the vulnerable are being confiscated out of their homes put in facilities and being made wards of the states. Once they become wards all inheritance, assets, wills, etc., belong to the guardians/attorneys/judges etc., that preside over each case. There are several thousands of citizens in our country being warehoused while losing all their life long earnings being consumed by these predators.

I have been ignorant of the medical practices etc., but as you know in 1998, I came under severe warfare on my physical body. I won't go into detail, but the Lord showed me the principality, the name and the expanse of this part of the beast system. Obama care is already here and has been here. We have a 'medical mafia' operating which is prevalent throughout our health care system. Many times the point of entry is hospitals, clinics etc.

States passed a law that state's have rights over seniors and/or the disenfranchised.
There are investigative reporters that have moved out of the country because they attempted to expose this racket; one was almost killed. There are attorneys sitting in jail without a case or sentencing because they attempted to go after this vile part of our legal system. A senator and her husband were killed the night before she was to bring her report of such acts before the senate; just to name a few of the shady stuff.

Many of the victim's families and loved ones have banded together across the country in various small groups, protesting and trying to get congress to change the laws. The body of Christ has also been insensitive and discriminatory in hearing the cries and the sounding of the alarms. There are many believers that are now struggling and fighting this kind of heinous system because of their loved ones. Many of the victims have been crying out 'where are the Christians?'

I became aware of it and drawn into the struggle because I witnessed it happening to Gary; remember him, I began to take care of him because was diagnosed with Hep C. (Gary asked me to become his POA/Medical POA in 2006 in case he needed one.)

Gary walked one to two miles a day, lifts weights, has been clean from any and all drugs for four years; a recovered addict. You could see God completely healing and restoring him His last blood panel in June, all levels were stable. It is the first time in his life that he has lived for a length of time without any drugs. He was physically healthy, fit, very active, lots of energy, loved the new life he was living. He was also growing in the Lord etc. As he was not one who sang or dance, he was singing and dancing a lot because he was living and tasting the 'joy of the Lord'

Gary had a doctor who said he would never be healed from Hep C. (Two other doctors said the same as well) Course I rose to the bait and told her many have been healed and Gary is being healed and there is power in prayer. Gary switched doctors. Behind Gary's back she wrote up a letter that he needed to be put in a facility...but she needed an avenue for that to happened. (I believe she's a satanist...Dr. Rebecca Brown book)

After one of Gary's walks in August, I suggested he go get checked for dehydration. He doesn't do will in the heat sometimes. He didn't want to go, but I felt it would be a good idea just to make sure.

That night, all is vitals were fine, doctor said they would keep him overnight and he would go home in the morning.

Next morning I went to pick up Gary. He had been shackled, and heavily sedated and put in jeopardy in ICU for monitoring. The explanation given me was they said he refused treatment and he wanted to go home. He had black and blue bruises on his arms/hands and puncture wounds in inner thigh.

I am leaving a lot out. Gary woke wake up periodically while drugged and tried to pull the IVs out and would say, "no drugs" As his POA, I stepped in and asked what was in the IV's- I was told liquids to hydrate; but GAry knew for sure. For the next two days Gary was drugged, I was lied to continually about the liquids, Gary would wake up and pull the IV's out and say no drugs.

The 3rd day the doctor came in and said they were mandating Gary to a facility and if he didn't go he would lose all medical benefits. (Behind this was the letter the doctor had written.) Naturally a much heated conversation between me and the doctor ensured. She informed me that Gary was too drugged to go home. As his POA I demanded full disclosure of what went down in the hospital. She intimidated 'we'll see who has more power' and she walked out of the room and refused any and all information.

A woman came in and said she was a case worker; all appearance of being an understanding nice person. She said, just have him go in until all the drugs are worn off and then bring him home. At that point it was a voluntary admittance.

Gary was too drugged to go home and be cared for. So I went with him to the facility only to be there temporarily. Gary's medical POA states no opiates/barbituates/sedatives/pain/narcotics any thing that alters the senses or is addictive. I saw the discharge papers and saw that they were pumping valium and hydrocodone (in his medical history he's allergic to) thru the IVs. I asked who authorized, etc., I demanded it stop but was told they had stopped.

To make this short---They overruled his POA put him under legal guardian by the state. They kept Gary high on pain meds, did a psychiatric evaluation on him while high and ruled him incapacitated put him in a psych ward began to pump into him antipsychotic drugs. He has been drugged since 8/10/10. All visitors, family, friends, pastors etc., were not allowed to visit. He was denied any and all outside contact, no phone calls, no messages etc.

I have sought help from any and all agencies, sounded the alarms etc., and that's when i realize this is an epidemic and it is happening all over our country and in each state. Within the same week Gary was hijacked, two separate families entered their father and mother respectively for observation overnight; doctor's request. The hospitals refused to let the family take them home and mandated the parents into facilities.

Gary's has been on every prayer list via television prayer as well as various people that I know, but I need to step up the heat. The night they took Gary, I had an encounter with the principality. It manifested in my room...A black woman with a red dress on. She came to me with outstretched arms her hands to cover my eyes and mouth. And I heard in the spirit, voices telling her assignment towards me was "shut her mouth and shut her eyes"...It has been a life and death battle since then.

The woman, the Lord showed me was the birth mother of part of the beast system of this health care.

10/11/10 I saw Gary in the spirit. His left side was paralyzed. he had a huge bruise on his right cheek. And he said to me' I can't bend over'. I knew they had hurt him.

I have an attorney, his doctor, Citizens committee for Human rights CCHR (out of state), a senator who is aware; etc., but it is a jurisdictional thing - unless laws change it will continue to grow.

We need lots of prayer clout. We need financial help because we are taking on a 'goliath'. We need divine protection because there has been some shady things.CCHR has been fighting this kind of thing for 20 years and said it has gotten worse. American Association Justice just released a report stating this a humanatarian crises in our country now. What this conspiracy is working towards is to 'warehouse' a lot of 'baby boomers' and this will be their survival pay because times will be getting harder.

Where are the Christian legal defenders? I have contacted every one I could but they are not willing to fight this and some are being stretched pretty thin in battles. There are many, many battles being fought today as we see that day approaching.

It has been since 8/14/10 since anyone saw Gary. The Lord God divinely opened a door this last week for us to see Gary. I went with Bobby (because I'm not too well liked because of the discussion I had with the doctor) more or less to use Bobby as a covering. I grieved and cried for several hours after I saw what they have done to him. He can't talk or walk. He's in a wheel chair. He can't feed himself. He is on antipsycotic drugs 24/7. The drugs have done this to him. He's trying to fight it. He tried to talk to us - he mouthed the words, help get me out..and he broke down crying. It was hard for him to do because the meds paralyze the muscles, etc.

We are fighting to have him removed. To have him put on natural substance to bring him back to the condition he was in prior. Once out, CCHR is waiting in the wings for a lawsuit..against any and all handlers that touched him.

Now the Word that has been given over and over from the all those that have prayed is that Gary will be healed, delivered, released and set free. There is a divine call upon his life. God is going to invade Gary's body and do and mighty deliverance. There are those that are praying that do not know Gary but have seen new body parts coming to him. Everyone has all been agreement and in one accord. And all do not know one another; but everyone has been speaking and praying and seeing the same in the Holy Ghost.

God has let me know that this is a battle of good and evil; life and death and we must continue to mount up a 'siege attack in concert against the principality behind this. I sense that it is coming closer to a head and, therefore, we need more prayer clout as this prince will be quite ugly and angry; but it will come down.... When this is defeated there is a tidal wave of God's holy awesome power coming; but the prince of darkness has to be removed. God gave me a dream three nights in a row in 1996 that a tidal wave of the holy awesome power of God was coming. The neat thing about it in the dreams the tidal wave was coming in a nursing home. Well guess what that's where we're at today.

I have been prompted several times Pat to let you know about this because you are a strategic one; but I've been so overwhelmed with has truly altered my course-everyday has been a perpetual state of concentration of this..It's like an obsession. I asked God to lift it but He won't...He just compels me more and more to press through. There are days I can't do anything then I get back in and fight.

So I'm letting you know to night and asking to enlist your help (and Doreen's) in prayer. I know also that there is something good for you around the corner..unfulfilled dreams will be fulfilled.

Will you pray for Gary's healing, deliverance, restoration, reversal; conviction, indictment on all perpetrators; all liars to be exposed and complete restitution for Gary. Also pray that I will have finances to continue the legal end as well as divine protection. Gary has two alternate POAs, his son and sister and family they also need prayer and covering; as well as the attorney, and CCHR rep.

Thank you Pat for understanding,


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thoughts Become Things!

HI Everyone.
Its been quite awhile since I have blogged. Been too busy examining my
life and past steps to fully understand how I came to be in the condition
of life I am in. Remember the song, "DO you know where you're going to,
do you like the things life is showing you"?
After eight near death experiences, and heart work done, my vulnerability
in life was brought into focus. I made a decision to alter my life completely with a "Mental Makeover", which would include excellent health,
prosperity, kindness, generosity, open doors to pour the Life of Christ within my into others, and live "High on the hog", if you catch my drift.
I have been exercising, watching what I eat, and reprogramming my thinking
with new information. Mind control is an interesting thing. Our God
is mighty. Please take a moment to watch the short video below. IT IS

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Every End is a New Beginning

Our condolences to Mary Strand, Doreen's Mother just lost her only brother Gordon to
cancer up in Canada two days ago. Mary is also struggling with breathing herself, after smoking for 60+ years. She has to struggle for every breath. She is fighting depression as well, spending most of her time alone. Her husband is gone, and her sister in law, Lorna, just passed away last month at age 95. Mary is very sad and lonely right now. Our hearts and prayers are with her. There is no way she can make his funeral.
Good news folks! We are just about at the end of our struggle. If the NWO has its way,
about 6.5 BILLION of us will be dead, with a mere 500 million humans remaining. They have been genetically altering our food, spraying poisons (called pesticides) on the food to render us sterile. They have been putting other poisons like Floride (an industrial waste product) in the water. It causes sterility and bone degeneration from what I read. They have also been putting ASPERTAME in the food supply (up to 6000 food products and beverages contain this toxin. It has a minimum of 92 KNOWN side effects that can affect humans, and ALL of them are bad. I think we should bring legal charges of attempted murder against the FDA and Monsanto chemical for this evil. How long are we gonna tolerate this. If we resist, we die. If we don't resist this, we also die, but painfully slow, with the medical and pharmaceutical industries taking the last of your cash for medical treatment that they caused in the first place.
I think its best to become a vegetarian, or grow your own food, then you know what you are eating.
Lets send all of our Armed Forces overseas, at $1 million per man. We really need to protect our security in Afganistan and Iraq, not to mention the other 42 nations we have armed troops in. We also have hired additional 150,000 cops to control us, under the guise of "terrorist protection". We have given our banking rights to the NWO who fully intend to eliminate all of the Christians, Jews and Muslims from the planet. It is the MEDIA, controlled by 5 families that is creating all of this evil.
The banks, corrupt politicians, in union with Big business, the medical community at large who are doing this. If they can't kill us one way, they will try another, their goal always being to reduce the earth's population.
Maybe I am just paranoid, and this is all bull shit. I don't trust no one no more, especially the judicial branch of government. The cops around here been killing off people like flies. One kid I know got shot 12 times for allegedly stealing a car. I think it was the 4 bullets in the back of the head that did him in. His name was David Young, and he was only 23. I expect they will find some pretext for killing me, just because I am speaking out against this senseless violence. Lets get the bad cops and politicians out of office. Lets keep them under constant watch, like they are doing with us. Cameras and spies everywhere. Where is America, the Land of the Free?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy Fourth of July

Yeah I know I am a little early here. Don't know how many of these "freedom celebrating holidays was have. July 4th is celebrated at a price. A lot of men and women gave their lives in hopes of themselves and their children living a life free of meddling by the government for dollars.
The world went to war over Adolf Hilter imposing Nazism over the world. Hitler was controlled by the banks, who control the United Nations and the new world order. Nothing is happening outside of God's eyes, nor will His will be thwarted.
Here we are, now at the end of a 26000 year cycle. All of the planets have completed their assigned rotation through all twelve signs of the Zodiac. It takes 26000 years for one complete cycle, and then everything starts anew. What does this mean for me and you?
This new world order don't think like nice folks do. They are convinced that they should control everything since they have all the power, money, and can do any damnable thing they desire. Rumor is that they want to knock off half the world's population right off the bat. Then continue killing people until the world's population is down to 500 million. That calls for killing off a lot of people. Most of us don't want to be killed off, and will do everything in our power to stop this from happening.
They want to take our guns, food, money, and make slaves of us. They will then work us to death, without food, and then grind us up for mulch.
This is all being financed by the friendly local bankers, in union with corrupt politions, businessmen, and miliatry.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Big Picture

Hi there,
Today is Monday. Mother in law is ill, her cousin is dying and so is her only brother.
Her husband passed 5 years ago, and her son is staying with her. She decided recently that she would not drive herself to church anymore. She is 79 or so, and always on oxygen. She is feeling very vulnerable right now. Her name is Mary. She could use a bit of encouragement right now.
Mary has a caregiver who also is going through stuff. She is divorced, ex Military, about 67, and just underwent knee surgery, so she can't walk, and she lives alone. She lives on Social Security and whatever pittance she can earn, which isn't much. After she pays her rent, she still needs money for heating, gas, food, etc. Her name is Barb.
Doreen and I went up to the hospital and prayed with her and for her. She is really
fighting with depression. I think they both are.
My sister's 70 yr old husband is also in a bad way. He is fighting a battle for his life against several nasty cancers trying to take him out. He is losing weight fast.
Please stand in agreement with me for a miracle in all these cases. Bless you

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Change You Can Believe In!

Well, Resurrection Sunday has come and gone. Has been a real challenge getting my "sea legs" back under me. A bunch of heart attacks and open heart surgery can knock the stuffings out of you. Have pretty much lost any selfish ambitions I might have had. I have come face to face with my own mortality and the reality of death. Its been all around me. I realize that I am very vulnerable, and have little physical strength, so my strength is the LORD. He has carried me through some really tough times lately. The Comforter is truly a "Very Present Help in time of need".
Whenever my weakness would become overwhelming in my emotions, I would cry out in my heart to the Comforter, and, as the Living God He is, He would come. I would visualize myself as the size of a four year old, crawling up into his Daddy's lap, and just asked to be held. He never failed to show up.
Last Sunday, two of our house guests went to church with us, and both asked Christ to come into their lives. Please feel free to pray for Dave and Vern. These are young men in early 20's, walking in darkness, and in desperate need of direction, and a real transformation. "One sows, another waters, and even another reaps the harvest, but all receive the same reward". We are members one of another is we belong to Christ. He is the Head, and we, the church, is His Body.
My brother Donnie passed two weeks ago. Please pray for Helen, his widow. She is 73 and knows the LORD.
Also please pray for Jamie. Her car was stolen and she is without wheels, and is the mother of a 2 month old infant, no husband, no home, and a 2year old son. She is addicted to alcohol and weed.
Please pray for our finances. I need some money to sow. Can't reap a harvest unless some seed is sown.
I need some change that can be believed in!
Bless you
Bless you

Monday, March 22, 2010

Still Kicking

God knows that I hate death and pain, just like everyone else. Right now, my brother Donnie, and Tex are both fighting lung cancer. I just had bypass surgery, and am still healing. I want to say thank you to all those who have prayed for us. God heard you and we are still alive. Praise the Name of Jesus!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Desired Haven Network

Hi everyone,
If you read this, than I would appreciate you joining the Desired Haven Network. I am called to be a Needle and Thread in the Body of Christ. Lets get each one of sewn into our proper place in the Body. Each of us has a gift and calling, and we are in desperate need of the sons of God to arise. That is who you are. Come and become part of the Network and let the Spirit of God use to glorify HIm.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Perfection of Now.

The minister of Life is called by God to bring forth words of hope and encouragement and all of the reasons man should continue to trust in God. The answer is both obvious and irrefutible. Its either trust God or kiss your earthly self good bye. I personally have no faith in the goodness of man, nor religion.
The Christians had their annual "season to go to war (crusade) and kill the infidel if he refused to convert to catholicism, or burnt em like a roast pig to please God or some thing. The Muslims do the same thing, but call it "jihad" (Holy war) and are taught by some Imam's that death in the struggle brings one 70 slaves in heaven.
Paul taught us that confusion was the work of the devil.
Every one of us is a child of God. We gotta be! We all got the same Creator. There is only One Creator. Everything came out of Him. Jesus came and explained Him. He is identified as Love. Love doesnt' do anything but sacrifice Itself for the other being. The only hope mankind really has is to put on Christ, forgive your enemies, and do your best to treat your neighbor the way you want to be treated.
I keep hearing references to China going to war against the US, sooner or later. May it never be. Beleive it or not, there are more Christians, true believers, in China, than in the US. The Chinese tried to stamp it out, but the more they persecuted it, the faster it grew. I wonder if the Chinese government ever figured out that persecution to Christianity is what gasoline is to a fire.
I asked my 79 year old Mother In Law if she thought mankind was smart enough to "never use" the Nuclear bomb again? She said, "nope". I agree.
Since we believe the world is going to nearly destroy itself before "the lion lies down with the lamb." Give me peace on earth.
I learned the "Dooms Day Machine" is real. The Dooms Day Clock says its down to five or six minutes from MIDNIGHT. In truth, everyone of us is but a heartbeat away from meeting our Maker.
There are those that are convinced that the End of All Things is upon us. God is the God of the Living. He is also The Living God. He Alone is the Author and Finisher of our faith, and all things. It may be true that we are at the end of a 26000 year cycle, and everything starts afresh.
I looked at some of the pictures that the Hubble Telescope has sent back revealing the immense magnitude of the universe. When it comes down to us, we are mighty small in comparison with it all. God is Mighty Big, yet He thinks on Us. "Lord, what is man that You should think on him". Thank you Daddy God for sending Jesus and Your Holy Spirit.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Expanding the Kingdom

Hi Everyone,
Glad you can be with me for the moment. None of us know how long we have in this life
to accomplish the purposes of God. I have been receiving the warning signs that I have got to make some drastic, immediate physical changes if I expect to continue in this world. I kind of figure the Spirit of God has Ultimate dominion over this body since I surrendered my life into His hands.
Have been getting these painful chest attacks that appear to be caused by acid reflux, and the condition seems to be exacerbated by stress. It scares hell out of my wife since her first husband died from a heart attack. I have learned that I am going to reap the "fruit of my lips", and His Word declares, "By his stripes ye were healed". I always believe He will take care of my inner workings as long as He wants me alive and functioning for His purposes here in life.
God is Life, and He is Love also. His "perfect love" casts out all fear. I keep trying to yeild more of me, and all of me thats possible to be yielded to the inspiration and leading of the Holy Spirit. I certainly hope you are also.

I believe with God, that "all things are possible".
He says He will give us the desires of our heart. All we have to do is ask, believe, then receive". I been asking and recieving by faith. I ask Him for His faith (the faith of God), since mine sucks. Jesus told us to have the "faith of God" so that is why I ask Him for His faith, since it is the faith of God. I believe He has no problem whatsoever believing that that what He speaks will come to pass. Now, I am working on ME believing that whatsoever I say will come to pass the way it is meant to. I believe God wants each of us believe Him. He wants us to believe that we really can have those things we petition, and BELIEVE ENOUGH for. I think a part of that is "seeing what the Father shows us is possible". Then the next step is to listen for His instruction on how to proceed to receive what He has shown. All of this is in the mind's power of creation, an attribute of the Creator within each of us.
I once read that "what the mind of man can concieve, man can achieve". We put a man on the moon, and have sent man made vehicles into the farthest reaches of the solar system, looking externally for that which is, in reality, inside the heart of man. God is in each of us or we couldn't live. He supplies every breath we take.
Its time to rise our conscious awareness of the resurrected Christ living within.
Its time to put on Christ now. Not wait until you die, then its too late. The dead are without power unless they are resurrected. We are each new creatures in Christ, brought forth out of the heart of God, from before the foundation of the world, for such a time as this. Remember, as He is, so are we in this world. God is looking for those fellow heirs with Christ who will stand up, open their mouths for righteousness' sake, deliver the captives, cast out the devils, heal the sick, and demonstrate the Truth of His word. Its supposed to be you and me doing this, not some "for hire" preacher/pastor. He says, freely you have received, now freely give.
Oh, and don't forget to forgive all of the arseholes who abused and/or lied to you, or cheated you somehow. Forgive them, and go on. Be the solution, and quit looking for one.
I have some ideas for making money but I need a team to help me. I need a volunteer webmaster to lead me in setting up a money making site for web illiterate elderly people who just lost everything. The goal is to make 1000 millionares in 2010, give away the profits to help others, such as widows and orphans, homeless, single parents, prisoners, etc.
I quit trying to build a personal empire years ago. I only want God's agenda, and not my own. I want to be able to provide for my spouse if anything should happen to me. Only God can make the way, cause I don't know how to make it work. If you happen to know a really sharp, internet literate, webmaster willing to help, send them my way. Thank you Daddy God, in Jesus' Name.