Sunday, August 9, 2009

How to Be?

What will you do when you think you are nearing the end.....?
In the past few days, I have had some very painful, stressful, chest pains. I think it is a manifestation of heart disease or demonic attacks.... As a spiritual man, my life and times are in the Lord's hands. The Lord told me that I would not miss the things He has for me.

The stress is horrific right now. Was buying a van on payments, and it's tranny just blew. We have been house bound since Monday. Hoping to borrow Jesse's van to go find another vehicle for Doreen and I.
We totally missed a conference we had registered for. I got hit with another attack yesterday and had to go lay down. I promptly arose and sat on a couch and simply prayed. The Wonderful Counsellor, Holy Spirit came and put His wings around me and comforted me. The pain dissapated soon, He restored my peace, and I was able to sleep.

Please pray for us, especially for transportation.
Bless y'all