Wednesday, October 28, 2009

DTV Spy Cam

Hi Y'all,
Just watched a short video on youtube.
A guy opened up a brand new Magnavox DTV convertor box. Inside it were both
a tiny camera and microphone. Connected to cable, who knows were this info is
going. Me no like 'em. Big Brother is observing folks even at home. Doubt me?
I suggest looking it up youtube yourself.
I have also released a short article on "The Kingdom of Heaven". I believe you
will be blessed by it.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Change is Here!

Dear People of God. God has not forgotten His Own and is Rewarder of them that diligently seek Him. He forgives all who come and acknowledge His Fatherhood and Lordship over our lives. He created us all, Chinese, Hindu, Russian, Muslem, Buddists, even the satanist. He only sent One Son to atone for your sins, and His Name is the only One given in heaven or on earth, whereby we might be cleansed from our sin, since He already did. God Want You in His Lifeboat named Jesus Christ. Its free to any who will recieve. All who recieve Him are forgiven, and given the rights to be called "Sons of God". "Beloved, NOW we are the sons of God."
God's deepest affection is for each of you individually. He created you in His own image and likeness. Sin destroyed that holy fellowship and God send Christ to repair the breach. He decided that we all were so blind and ignorant that He would come down and take all of mankind's sin and place in Himself, in Jesus Christ. The Creator was in the Created and made Jesus to be a curse for the sins of all mankind. He said "It is finished" and it is. He died to make us "righteous". He also sent the Holy Spirit, after He arose from the dead, went into heaven.
The Mystery of the Ages is simply this, "Christ in YOU, the Hope of glory". He says, I stand at the doorway of your heart, and invite you to avoid the coming Judgment. Repent now for the Kingdom of heaven is "at hand".
There is a two edged sword coming up this nation. We have received warning after warning in the weather conditions alone. He is turning up the volume so we, as a people, will be willing to listen. Those who stand against righteousness will be destroyed. But first, Judgment must begin at the House of God. His "Church" is going through the Refiner's Fire for purification in preparation for the marriage supper of the Lamb. He has bid all to come in who are willing. The Father knows every man's heart, and the reasons why he does all that he does.
God has been building a Body for His Full habitation. He wants to magnify and glority every single one of His Sons. But the seed of the ego and flesh nature must fall into the ground and die. The one who comes to God must give ALL of himself to His King and Savior, and hold back nothing. Examine your heart very carefully and see if there be any wickedness or unforgiveness in you. YOu have to forgive because you have been forgiven. We are to "be in the world but not of it". Help Lord!
Once a person has died to his "self", and asked Jesus into His heart, the seed of Christ begins to grow. The seed grows from the soil it is planted in. The soil is your heart. God has chosen mankind as the place for His holy habitation, or dwelling place. He says to seek that which above and eternal, within you. Eternal Life is only found in Jesus Christ. He says "There is none who comes to the Father except by Me! Receive the Son and you also receive His Father, even the One God.
There is war going in the heavenlies over the nations of Israel and the United States. America has rejected God from its government, its schools, its homes, and even many of His churches. He has been destroying the false idols of the land. Money, power madness, lust for perversion, Greed, Adultery, theft, swearing oaths before God and lying about this. Poppa God loves His family ,which you are, enough to correct you. The Book Of Jeremiah reveals abundantly that God punishes a nation for its sins once its cup of corruption is full. He once the People to change their minds and hearts about Who God really is.
His corrections include the Sword of wicked men, famine, pestilence, darkness, etc,. Consider the plagues that God sent upon Egypt for holding His people captive. God is raising up an army of Moses, or Deliverers, in Jesus Name. His people will shine with Light of His glory. They have on the full Armor of God, which is Jesus Christ. He is their cloak of Righteousness. Harvest time has arrived.
An explosion of the Power of God is about to hit planet earth like the world has never seen. His very Nature is Love. He is ever Merciful and will forgive sins in Jesus' Name. Please, give Him all of your heart in love. Let no evil thought have any foothold in you.
What if I told you that China, Russia, N. Korea, Cuba, the Communist nations still desire to convert the free United State to a third world, slave state. The Communist ploy is always to take two steps forward, then one backward. These powers have joined hands with certain religious fanatics, who absolutely Hate the God of Israel and the God upon whom the Constitutional liberties were rights, not privileges. Our enemies want to destroy us, but God will not permit it entirely. There is still a lot of really destructive things happen.
Famine has begun in America. Our large chemical companies, combining with the goverment, have nearly destoyed the honey bees needed to pollinate all crops. In China, they have done the same thing and must pollinate the plants by hand.
I have learned that nearly 1/3 of the bees are gone. Its called Colony Collapse Disorder. In addition to less fruit or grain, unseasonable storms have shown up at just the wrong time for harvesting. The other side of that is drought. Temperatures have soared to new record highs this year, all over. People are struggling under the pressures. Finances are collapsing everywhere. Banks are repoing millions of homes. Formerly wealthy folks, who placed all their hopes on their retirement nest egg had it taken away nearly overnight. Fear permeates the atmosphere all around. Earthquakes,Tsunamis and Hurricanes been blowing with incredible destructive force.
In May, Hallem Neb. was wiped off the map by a two mile wide tornado. The Weather Channel reported that they had 360 tornadoes in 9 days. The number 9 means the end before you start all over again.
There is lots of speculation about the date Dec 21, 2012.
I Believe God is warning us to prepare for His immediate return. Only those who really know Him will see Him at this time. I see this at an "unveiling" of Christ within His "beheaded" ones, because He is their head. They know His Voice, and another voice they will not follow. These follow the Lamb whereever He goes.
His Word has been written indelibly upon their hearts. They KNOW Him in Whom they have believed. The Lord knows His own and is fiercely jealous to take care of them.
The strongest attacks will come just before the Light shines forth seven fold. All creation has been awaiting the moment that is upon us, the revealing of the sons of God, and they are here to help bring in the harvest.
Here is what I did to find His peace. I asked God to reveal to me His love for Jesus Christ, and for me, so I could feel it. If Jesus is for real, then show me God. I really want to know your love and feel it. Reveal to me if Jesus Christ is the Messiah or not. He will.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Uh Oh!

I am relieved to learn that I am not the only prophet of the Lord who sees
God's Righteous judgments at the doorway. God showed others including AA Allen,
Dimitri Duduman, Henry Gruver, and others that American's Golden Cup was quickly filling to the top with her wickedness, changing of law, dividing of Israel, and siding with the nations against Israel. God says "Touch not Mine anointed and do my prophets no harm". Messing with Israel, to me, is like poking your finger in the eye of God. He will not be mocked, and will perform His word.
When God's judgments hit, men will either curse God or repent. His judgments can be found liberally throughout Jeremiah. Read Chapter 51. These judgments are:
famine, pestilence, war, enslavement. The Church will be attacked and persecuted as usual. Many will give up their lives rather than follow the beast and take his mark. In Book of Joel, the sun is darkened and the moon turns to blood. The moon represents the Church. It only reflects the Glory of the Son(sun). The comes the great harvest (Feast of Tabernacles meaning) for the order is given to thrust in the sickle and gather the fruit of the earth. His Angels have gone forth.
For America must receive the recompense of her ways.
I believe every Christian leader is targeted, as well as every Christian. We have been computerized, studied, analyzed, and judged by the world as "useless eaters
While many will die, the Power and Majesty of the Living God is rising up. God is bringing a correction to this nation that will blow the world's mind.
Seek Him now, with all your heart, and be found in Him when this comes down. If ALL of your trust isn't in Jesus Christ, you are not going to like the future for thenext couple years or so.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Truth or Consequences?

Thank you for stopping by. Have never had a comment on any of my blog articles. It is apparent that nobody is reading them. Never a kind word or encouragment, or even to say, knock it off. A simple wall of blind or ignorant indifference. Doesn't matter, because, "I have decided to follow Jesus". No turning back. He offers no middle ground. He's an "all or nothing" kind of God. He gave His "All" for us, and He says, "the disciple is not above His Master". If you hate what I write, you probably hate My Savior and His Father, Who is also my Father, which makes Jesus my Brother.
YOu think thats confusing? His Mother Mary gave birth to a child. This Child was different from any ever born before. She was giving birth to her Everlasting Father,
Almighty God, her Son, and her Brother in Christ. Talk about a confusing relationship. My Jesus is pretty versatile and has to wear a lot of hats. He now looks like a lot of different people as well. There are an unknown number of folks walking around who have died to their "self", and the Spirit of the Living God has taken up residence there. The day is upon us wherein "all creation groaneth, waiting the revealing of the sons of God. This is the season, and I believe the hour of His appearing. His revealing is not to the naked eye, but inside and just to His Chosen Ones.
Along with this revealing is also an "unveiling" of His Nature withing them. This also their tranformation that enables them to love their "lives Not" unto death. Its His crown of glory they seek, and not their own. These have been tried in the fire, refined as it were, seven times in the furnace of afflication, and have been purified from their wickedness and iniquity and found worthy in His Holy Eyes for
His habitation.
The Bride of Christ has prepared herself and made herself ready for the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. The table is almost set, but there are a few seats still available, but only to those who are willing to humble themselves, and come to Him in meekness. He is Love. Really, to Know Him is to love Him, for He is Love.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

About Big Brother

Howdy Y'all,
I bring you greetings from my Big Brother. His name is Jesus Christ and He loved us enough to die on a cross for us to inherit His kingdom. He told us the Kingdom is at hand, and that if we would but believe on (have faith in) Him and the Power of His Name on earth and in heaven, for He is LORD of both. He is the Same, yesterday, today and forever.
I have learned that He places special favor on those that actually believe Him, and act upon it. Those that see no results from using His Name are probably praying from the flesh and not the Spirit.
Jesus told us that the Kingdom is "not of this world", and that we are to "be in the world but not of it". For this to be so, we must be "born again from above". You cannot believe in Jesus Christ unless your Name has been written in the Lamb's Book of Life" from the foundation of the earth. Imagine this..."as He is, so are we in this world".
I have learned, and am learning that I can not place any faith in MY mind and thoughts. I can place no faith in anything that smacks of "old nature" which is a dead nature without Christ, the Living Word, giving me His life. I gave Him mine, and, by faith, I have received a new nature, even His very own, which the Word declares that makes me a "partaker" of the Diving Nature. That is were that power of God moves at the very mention of Jesus's Name. Demons gotta flee, but they won't if you don't "believe". "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he". Whatever you
BELIEVE to be true, IS true to you.
Every one of us must get our hearts cleansed from ALL unrighteousness. This can only be done by "putting on Christ" and being "renewed in the Spirit of the Mind", by the "washing of the water of the Word of God. Jesus was the Word of God before anything existed. Whatsoever He says, is Truth, and can be trusted. It must be spoken out to affect the atmosphere. Remember, What things ye desire, when you pray, BELIEVE that you recieve them and you shall have them". Most folks really don't believe HIm. They trust in their finances, personal skills, themselves, and all they can see, or are told by those in whom they have confidence. They simply will not put confidence in Christ's ability to carry them through life. I trusted Him with my death, but not my life. Now, coming to learn of His true Nature through His Word, and fellowship in the Spirit, I find that He is truly Love. That is His very Essence and is Maniested to us by the power of the Holy Spirit, which is God's Presence on the earth. He lives in our hearts, and is only revealed to those who are looking for His appearing.
His enemies are your enemies. They are sense and reasoning, the entire fleshly nature, doubt and unbelief. "They that be Christ's HAVE crucified their flesh and the lusts thereof." I sure want to be Christ's complete possession, to give Him liberty and freedom to do whatsoever He chooses with and through me. He da Boss, and I ain't. I asked Jesus to reveal the Father's love to me, and He revealed Christ to me. He sent His Very Spirit into my heart through faith. I simply asked Him to fill me with that same Love found in Jesus. He did. Praise Ye the LORD!

Wait 'til you hear Jesus call you "brother". He addressed me once as Brother Pat. It blew my mind, but showed me that we have the Same Father. "Call no man on earth your father, for Your Father is God". I had a hard time with Catholic Priests, who have decided that somehow, God the Father had given them His Title. I just call them brother. I want God "fer me and not agin me". Thats why I put ALL of my faith, trust, and hope in my Kinsman Redeember, even Jesus Christ, Creator of heaven and earth. Why don't you just humble your stupid, arrogant, blind ego to the Lordship of Christ, and you shall be "saved". What do ya say to God? Nah, I don't need no saving. I will never die and that its only a transition. OR 'Ya know,God I believe You exist. If You were really in Jesus and He is the only Savior, will you reveal Him to my heart. I ask for Your Love to be revealed to me. Come into my heart Lord Jesus and save me. Please?
If you got balls enough to do that, then you are going to get your mind blown. He WILL come and be with you.
Your servant in Christ

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Our Father...

I have been having some wonderful times with the Presence of the Lord. My heart or
chest has been giving me a pain for about six weeks or so. It seems when I belch, I tend to feel better. The Master had the Pastor come forward during services and pray
for me while standing on the chair in front of me. As best I know how, I recieved a
healing by faith in His Word. Because He honors His Word above His Name, I have faith
to be healed by God Himself as a Manifestation of His love for the Son, Who owns my Life. I am tired of hurting. Its taking my strength. I need to travel from Auburn to Bonney Lake, to Mineral Washington south of Mt Rainier, then pick up a boat, drive back to Bonney Lake, then back to Auburn. Shower, change clothes, and drive wife to Lynnwood to a free dinner at Black Angus. After dinner, drive to Kirkland,
pick up car and drive back to Auburn. I think this is a bit too much for me right now. I told Doreen's Mom that I would car her tomorrow and let her know. Her son Andy is turning 50 and she wants to us help celebrate it. None of his children or other siblings can make it. I'll make it if he changes his mind about location. There is a Black Angus in Federal Way.
Well, I am stil believing Our Father for total healing, in Jesus' Name. Amen

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Its Saturday, Oct 3. I was given a DVD titled "BORAT" by my son who offered "Its a really good film". I have been around for nearly 65 years but this film is the most uncivilized film I ever watched. The film embraces sex as okay with anyone or anything, nothing is out of bonds. Parent/child, brother/sister, homosexuality, etc, were all condoned as acceptable practices. It was completely anti Semitic as well. Lets put it this way, it was totally depraved. Destroy a copy if you can.
Folks, this film is a sample of the depravity to which man has fallen from God. My wife and I are ministers of the Gospel, but for her "church raised" son to say it was "good" tells me he is in deep darkness. It tells me the kind of things is age group "young adult" finds acceptable. This a generation of young that has not "put on Christ", believed or received the Gospel. It tolerates anything, and if you speak against such behavior, it is called a "hate crime". American has fallen into deep darkness thanks to its enemies. There is no free press. All of the newspapers, radio and television stations belong to just a few giant corporations, in collusion with the government, about what is permissable.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

New Day

Not to worry about tomorrow everybody! Why? Because you only got today.
Our God is a "Living God", and is the God of now. His Life is NOW. Since
I don't have any life except that which He permits, moment by moment. How does a
servant make plans for His Master? He doesn't. He listens only for the Master's
voice and moves in instant obedience. That's what Kingdom living is. The son, slave or servant, whichever way you identify "self", listens for "The Voice" and
does only that which he see's the Father doing or speaks what He hears the Father
saying. I have been trying very hard to be a diligent listener.
I find the Word is really moving my heart. I've asked the Holy Spirit, with His
fire to enter, examine, and fix any problem areas He sees. I want the Fire for
it is the Purification of God. Once that ole heart is in the condition suitable
for His habitation, I expect good things to happen. I am seeking Him with all my
heart, and He knows it. He is showing up faithfully. I can tell because I find
myself weeping over the Word, interceding for a lost and dying world.
I have found that very few souls really love my Jesus. That know for sure that
I am a fanatic because I hardly talk of anything else. If you don't love Jesus,
you would hate being around me.
On the other hand, if you love Him, then you would delight to be in my presence.
Why? Because, where I am, He is also, cause He lives in my heart. My life is not
my own. I gave it to God in Christ Jesus. He is really Wonderful (Isaiah 9:6)
If you would like me to pray for you, send me an email, or respond with a comment on
the blog. I promise I will bring your need to Our Father, which art in heaven.


Okay, so this is probably not news to you. I just read an article on it and have
provided a link so you can see for yourself what kind of mess we are in.

The system is called dead hand system, and assumes the worse and fires its nuclear
missles. How cheery a thought is that? I don't care how careful man is, he always manages to build something that will malfunction sooner or later.
The above article only adds fuel to the fire of my conviction that the Age of the Kingdom is at hand. Repent, for the kingdom is at hand. If there was ever a time to draw close to God, through His son Jesus. We all need a Saviour from the sudden
destructions headed at us.
I suspect that there will also be a collapse of all currencies as a New World Order,
one world currency is issued. Cant' get the new cash with your microchip to id you though. Who you gonna trust, your friendly bankers and Federal officials, or put your faith in God alone, without the world's money and chip. Choose carefully....
I have already made my choice, and His name is Jesus. If God isn't on my side in this, I don't want to live in this world anyway.
I urge you to pray for your loved ones to choose life, not death. It actually means choose Life in Christ. Tough stuff just ahead. I am totally in God's hands. If He doesnt' "Shepherd me", we can't make it. I guess I will sign off for now.
Bless you