Saturday, April 9, 2011

Are You Awake Yet?

Sacred Scriptures warn us that there would be signs in the heavens when the end of the current age would come to an end, and a new age, the Kingdom Age, would begin. I believe Hale-Bopp Comet shown above was the first of others to come. The Hubble Telescope has confirmed the findings of Hale Bopp. Another astronomer, Leonid Elenin from Russia has discovered another massive comet heading towards earth, and will intersect earth's orbit sometime this fall. No one knows the effects this thing will have. Still, that isn't the bad news. The bad news is that there is a star, or 10th planet been revealed, and it will intercept earth's orbital path, and will pass between the earth and the sun, in 2012. That planet is known as Planet X or Nibiru, or Tyche. It is huge. It is so big that 5300 earths could fit into it. I am thinking of what the magnetic attraction is going to be like. Look what happens when the moon is full, and how it pulls the tide up higher. Imagine a magnetic force 5300 times stronger. The sun will be blocked from the earth during the time of Nibiru's passing, however long that will take. I foresee massive earthquakes, incredible volcanic eruptions, the sun and moon being darkened, and the end of life as we have known it.
I am convinced we are truly at the end of the ages, and terrible destruction is heading for each of our lives. A few super rich have prepared themselves underground hideaways, such as just outside Denver, or Iron Mountain.
The New World Order is apparently now in place, and thousands are dying daily. A terrible persecution against Christians is happening world wide. Two days ago, 1000 Christians were massacred by Islamic fanaticists in the Ivory Coast. This didn't even make the news here.
I notice that the mass media is giving no further coverage to the Japanese Nuclear disaster. I pray often for the poor Japanese people. Their land is being contaminated, as well as their food supplies, and millions of them will die as a result. This same radiation has contaminated millions of fish in the oceans, and the contaminated water flows into the oceanic current and flows around the world. The same contamination will also enter our food chain, and has already started to show up.

I am convinced the BP's disastrous oil leak, along with its cleanup techniques, has contaminated the food supply in the Gulf of Mexico. One report says there are about 75000 oil wells dug into the Gulf. All of them leak some amount of oil, and this is destroying us. We must stop this madness, and truly find free, alternative ways to create electricity. Most of us know the works of Nicolai Tesla, and his discovery of electricity from the air. He wanted to give it to mankind, and JP Morgan, the banker, cut his financing when he discovered he couldn't put a meter on it. They destroyed his records.
I believe an idea whose time has come cannot be stopped. God is giving free energy ideas to people all over the world. One group wants to take the world's budgets for war and use the same funds to find ways of feeding and helping people, not destroy them.
Free energy's time has come, and will not be stopped. It means freedom from the Electrical monopolistic rich fat cats who got wealthy at all of our expense. It should have been free. Many inventors of free energy have been threatened or even killed for releasing their device. My hat is off to people like Tom Bearden, Nicolai Tesla, Binini, David Lee, and others who still are keeping the torch for freedom alive. Big business and government working together is called "fascism".
It's power is consolidated into the hands of a few who want to maintain the status quo, which lines their pockets, and keeps the rest of us poor, giving them our money. Enough already.
America's economic bubble is about to burst. If not this year, then probably next year. It is impossible to borrow your way out of debt. We are about to witness a Jubilee, whereby all debts are going to be cancelled. There will be much destruction, and many lives will be taken, especially among those who stand for Liberty, Life, and the pursuit of happiness. Those who believe in the Constitution of the United States, and the Bill of Rights, and are standing in any leadership position are usually the first to be arrested.
Consider what the Socialists (communists) did after they seized power in Germany (massacred 1100 Catholic priests, 6 million Jews, millions of other "undesirables".
Stalin is reported to have killed 25 million of his own folks. Mao Tse Tung is said to have killed off more than 50 million. All of them persecute the Church of Jesus Christ, plus other religions.
The plan right now seems to be for the unification and consolidation of power of the Socialists, along with Islamic Jihadists to destroy both the US and Israel.
They all seem to hate us, and wish to destroy us from the earth. They consider us enemies and not worthy of breathing God's air. They are really into this head chopping thing.
I don't about you folks, but I am putting my money, and my life, completely in Jesus' hands. These problems are all too big for me, so I just give them to Him and let Him worry about it. I figure He can lead me any which way He chooses. Whether I live or die, my future is totally in His hands.
This article clearly outlines my faith system. I beleive we could all live in peace if we truly forgave our enemies and pounded our swords into plowshares. Let us clean up the environment, love our neighbors as ourselves, and look out for each other's good, instead of anything else.