Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New Year!

Good bye to 2009, and good riddance. In thinking about this, I realize that I have been "ungrateful" for the enlightening experiences the past year brought. God has been very good to me. He's provided for every need, including, washer/dryer, car, chopping wood, provided for every meal, etc. Wow, have we been blessed. We are still in a nation that is "free". Thank you Lord God for every blessing You have given. Thank you for choosing US to give eternal life to.
This has been a really trying year for nearly everyone I know. Societal norms have been under attack at all levels. For instance, my wife and I caught a scene on one of the Soaps, exalting homosexuality. Doreen got so mad she wrote them complaining. Our new president just hired a gay activist and put him in charge of the curriculum for the children of the nation. What do you suppose his opinions will do to the things the kids are taught as "normal".
America's finances are down the tube. Our government has given ownership of the nation's resources and assets to the banks. Thanks Mr. President. We Americans just are thrilled to pieces giving almost all of our money to the banks or the government in taxes. We also appreciate all the of deception and lies presented by bank controlled medias. These are only surface things.
I recently found out it costs the US Taxpayer ONE MILLION DOLLARs a year to have ONE soldier in Afganistan. Somebody is getting really rich in a hurry. Its a marriage of big business and government. The banks tell the government what they want, set the laws to favor themselves, and use the Police and National Guard to control us mindless masses.
I heard a "rumor" that there were between 250,000 and 400,000 undercover military agents in the country. They do not wear uniforms. Somehow, our Constitution has been by-passed, and Posse Comitatus is eliminated. The prohibits US Military personnel from being used against US Citizens. I think the government has moved from a Constitutional Republic to a Fascist State.
America has set a new record for fairness. We now have over 2,000,000 US citizens in prison, the vast majority for drug misuse. Our young people have little hope for every moving up in the world the way things are. If you lose your driver's license for booze or drugs, your liberty is also lost. I personally believe we should legalize marijuana, just to clear the courts, and maybe empty the jails.
I just heard on the news there is a move to legalize it in the state. Medical MJ is okay here, Two of my family members have "the card". Its been very helpful for the one with cancer. I find my attitude has changed. As a "minister", I would not condone the use of pot, unless it was legal.
Oh well, now that I've let that cat out of the bag, I wonder what comments I'll get.
Well, 2010 is nearly here, and I pray that it will be year of positive change and true spiritual growth for our land. I pray every liar, thief, crooked politicion, corrupt official in high places, perverted scriptwriter and producer, etc, will move to another planet. Lets also replace the FCC Administrator with a conservative.
Well, I believe that if we visualize our dream as having it in hand, and keep working toward it, we will see our dreams come true. May our Heavenly Father cause righteousness to fall down like rain upon our land.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Where is the Real Power?

I'll tell you, its not in the hands of him who lives by the sword. If we are indeed serving the God of Truth, the world is about to get turned Godside up. He who lives by the sword, shall also die by the sword. Behold, so it iw written, so shall it be done. The LORD is my Light, and my salvation. I believe my God's Angels and power are bigger than any of His creations. Every created being must bow down to the Name of Jesus Christ. The Blood of Jesus is our only defense. In Him we live, and move and have our being. The cross of Christ is our victory in Him. His death, buriel, and resurrection are also ours, through faith in His Atonement. Its all mystical stuff to me. Live God arise and His enemies be scattered.
I listen to people all whining about how bad things are. They badmouth every sinful behavior that they don't endorse, and its everyone else's fault that the world is in such a pickle. Oh well, God is not surprised. He put the sins of all of us yokels on Jesus, and that makes the rest of us equal. Just those who know they have need of a Redeeemer Kinsman. Merry Christmas. May we each hit the lottery and all of our money troubles releived. May all of our children treat us with absolute sovereing respect. May all of our enemies forgive us all our debts, as we forgive them. May all our enemies forgive each one that hurt them, that the death, dying, and destruction cease forever. May each of us dig deep into the recesses of whats left of our humanity and forgive. It is not too late. Forgiveness is in Christ. God says, "Vengeance is Mine, I will repay, not you!" Maybe its time to let Him have the hurt, pain, and burden of the loss we have experienced, the injustice, and the downright unfairness of it all. Their skin color is wrong, or they beleive in God differently, they hate me anyway, and besides, blah, blah, pointing of childish finger. None of us are ANYTHING when it come to God.
I don't know about you, but I wanna be reaaaaaalllly sure I got the RIGHT GOD! Don't you? Can I describe mine to you? Without you really hating me or anything....? Okay?
Too late. First of all... He is BIG. He is everywhere. HE is all powerful. He is very Friendly to His own. All who exist on planet earth belong to Him, whether they like it or not, or know it or not. He is the Final Arbitrator of all men's final destiny. In Truth, we are all His kids. We all had the same Ancestors some where along the line. I can't wait for God to remove the Evil ones. I want only kind, gently, giveing , generous, happy, wealthy, easy to please, humorus, friendly people who delight to please someone other than themselves, and really treat others the way they would like to be treated. Hello? Are you out there? Isn't the God I described called LOVE? Is Love Strong enough to overcome the greed, lust, rage, hatred, murder, vile, lying, theiving place the cesspool of the world seems to have become?
Yup, I think so. My God is so powerful, He can kick anything out there that is trying to destroy Him. Jesus is LORD to the Glory of God. Thank you Father for the Precious Blood of Jesus that covers all of His saints, by faith. Thank you Father God for the Holy Ghost Camoflage and for making each believing reader invisible to the forces of darkness, who Brightness blinds his works. My God causes every bad thing that ever happened to you to become a magic event that is morphed into goodness in your divine charachter. The Father Himself is causing your divine nature to emerge in a butterfly like new creation, created from before the foundation of the earth. Now that is something that is mighty mind boggling. That makes you at least old enough to shave. It isn't really the age, since God is always NOW. He says, IAM THAT I AM. He is in time through each of us, but outside of time by His Eternal Nature. All things are actually possible to him who beleives. Jesus is a Miracle Man, and the Father does His Amazing works through Christ in humna form, no matter what name He/She might be wearing. We are bone of His Bone, and flesh of His flesh, by the power of the Holy Spirit. We possess His Eternal Life, here, and Now. We do not have to taste death for this Truth to be enacted. Only one must be submitted to His sovereing will.
He must be free to speak, and you jump at His beck and call. Such a privilge and honor to have God, in Christ, Him Self as our Friend. I love Isaiah *:^. "For unto us a child born, unto us a Son is given, and the government shall be upon His shoulders. And His name shall be called, "Wonderful, Counsellor, Almighty God, Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace".
Wow, this is some Kinda God we have here. He is Present, He is Power, He is Life, and He LOVES US!. Such a Deal!! Whats not to love about a God like that? Ask any Jewish boy. Our God is a heavenly Father, and a Pesence Help in time of need. He knows those who place their trust in Him. He stands for him who speaks the truth in love, tolerates not lying, and kicked butt when He confronted His enemies. Consider Ananias and Saphira when they lied to the Holy Spirit Resident within the Apostle, or at least by His side. I thin both. They died by the Hand of God. He is "Ruach", or Spirit or Breath. He is the one who permits every heartbeat and every breath. He is Awesome, Kind, Gentle, Loving, Giving, Wise, A Good Friend, A Wise Counsellor, A really rich God to have for a Friend, and Father, and Brother. Yo, Bro, will ya spare me a few of Your surplus bucks? I can find a few dandy places to spent them. Like, helping the homeless, hopeless, orphans, refugees, clean wells, food, stuff for the poor and needy. Its time for a transferrance of wealth from the dark side to the light and bright and Right Side, in the Name of the One True Creator of Heaven and Earth, my name is Jesus, Emmanuael, Savior, Redeemer, Brother Love. I like that last one best. God is Love. His very Nature is to love. "For God sent His only begotten son that shosoever whould believe on Him should not perish, but live forever". Not my words. That is from THE Word!.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Ask, Seek, and Knock!
Matt 7:7-12

7 Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.

9 Or what man is there of you, whom if his son ask bread, will he give him a stone?
10 Or if he ask a fish, will he give him a serpent? If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask him?

12 Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets.

To this little old baby chick, our God has given us such a deal! He doesn't instruct us to go beg, borrow, or work our way into His blessings. He instructs us to "just ask". And then when we actually do ask Him for something, I don't care what it is. If we have asked, then we must also Believe that He is thereby in the process of making delivery on your personal request to the King of Glory. Like the Jews say in New York, "Such a Deal"! Doesnt this remark just blow your mind? What are ya going to do about it now? It also suggests that if you ask with a "double mind", you are screwed.
Don't think you will get anything from God if you go around asking and doubting. You got what ya believed for, Nothing. I say nothing because you didn't believe He was going to give "it" to you anyway.

You know who told you that you wouldn't get it anyway? It was the friggin devil that lives inside your head. He carries a lot of titles but I think the most appropriate one is your "Ego". Hello, Mr, Antichrist, residing between your stupid ears. He is the monster that is separating you from every blessing of God. He is a friggin liar! He's a deceiver!. He poses as YOU, and everything he speaks is a lie to deceive you into believing that God is illusory, elusive, finicky, petty, and mostly a figment of everyone's imagination. See why Ego is your sworn enemy? He must die for Christ to reign. Him no like dat idea. He thinks its a really bad idea. After all, he wants all of the glory, honor, power, and riches that he can possibly amass. That is his lying illusion. Mr Ego, is destined for death, and he wants no part of that at all. He will give all that he possesses to save his life.

Jesus said, "it ain't going to be that way dude" (my loose paraphrasing). He that would follow after me must "deny himself", pick up his cross, and follow Me." That means that we are not to love our lives even unto death. Rather, we are to love God with ALL of our heart, mind, soul, and strength, and to love our neighbor as ourself, right now. A lot easier said then done. It sounds lonely, painful, unprofitable, and downright inconvenient. Actually, it is that way, so then, why follow Christ?

He is the only way into God and the kingdom of heaven, that's why. All of the present suffering means nothing in light of His glory and presence. He is what makes the sacrifice worth it. He has given us eternal life in the NOW. His indwelling Presence transcends every obstacle of Life. He is Life Itself, and those
who put their Trust, life, confidence in Him, and actually Believe what He said, will
experience the Truth of His Life within, He shows Himself through healing, delivering, prospering, rejoicing, and makind Happy His chosen ones. He is the
one True God, and there is no other God beside Him.

You can believe God for anything you desire. Me? I continually bug Him for things
that are absolutely impossible. That way, He gets all of the glory, for no man can
do the things I ask Him for. What kinds of things? Well, how about giving folks new
teeth? I have actually seen this happen. It was a God thingee. You should have been there and seen the smiles and everyone looking into each others mouth. I am
sure Jesus must have just stood there laughing at the joy He brought. God is mighty
partial to His kids, and withholds nothing from them.

Impossible things I like to see God do: dissolve tumors, rid them of cancers, give new kidneys, liver, and lungs. Give new arteries, heart, rid people of pain, provide
supernatural finances. I always ask that He meet others financial needs from
unexpected sources. That way they know it was God Himself who made the way.
I am also bugging Him about "teleportation" either in body or out, makes no
difference. Paul did it, and so did Phillip, and Jesus! Appearing and disappearing
on people has got to be a real head trip! How about flying? Yup, I want to be able
to fly. Why not? With God, all things are possible. How about water walking or
floating in the air. If Chris Angel can do it, I should be able to also through the power of the Holy Spirit. Of course, all of this is "as the Spirit wills". If He says no, then it is truly no. That is not to say, maybe later....

To me, all things are possible through Christ Jesus. He has the ability to recreate or create anew. It is totally within His realm and power to create anything out of nothing. This is SOME Kinda Wonderful God. I am sooooooo glad, grateful, happy, blessed, excited, and joyful that of all the losers in the world He chose to give eternal life to, I was one! How about you?

Let me conclude by saying that you, personally, can have anything you want from
God, if you keep bugging Him long and loud enough, and believe He will, He will!
He says so, and He is no liar like you or me........

Bless you

aiteo (ahee-teh'-o); of uncertain derivation; to ask (in genitive case):
KJV - ask, beg, call for, crave, desire, require. Compare NT:4441.
(Biblesoft's New Exhaustive Strong's Numbers and Concordance with Expanded Greek-Hebrew Dictionary. Copyright (c) 1994, Biblesoft and International Bible Translators, Inc.)

didomi (did'-o-mee); a prolonged form of a primary verb (which is used as an altern. in most of the tenses); to give (used in a very wide application, properly, or by implication, literally or figuratively; greatly modified by the connection):

zeteo (dzay-teh'-o); of uncertain affinity; to seek (literally or figuratively); specially, (by Hebraism) to worship (God), or (in a bad sense) to plot (against life):

KJV - be (go) about, desire, endeavour, enquire (for), require, (X will) seek (after, for, means). Compare NT:4441.
(Biblesoft's New Exhaustive Strong's Numbers and Concordance with Expanded Greek-Hebrew Dictionary. Copyright (c) 1994, Biblesoft and International Bible Translators, Inc.)

aiteo (ahee-teh'-o); of uncertain derivation; to ask (in genitive case):

KJV - ask, beg, call for, crave, desire, require. Compare NT:4441.
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punthanomai (poon-than'-om-ahee); middle voice prolonged from a primary putho (which occurs only as an alternate in certain tenses); to question, i.e. ascertain by inquiry (as a matter of information merely; and thus differing from NT:2065, which properly means a request as a favor; and from NT:154, which is strictly a demand for something due; as well as from NT:2212, which implies a search for something hidden; and from NT:1189, which involves the idea of urgent need); by implication, to learn (by casual intelligence):

KJV - ask, demand, enquire, understand.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

From Nutso....

Hi there,
Thanks for your attentiveness to my observations. Your comments are always worthwhile and cause me to reflect. You said, "can you remember how love felt before you invited Christ into your heart?"
I remember falling head over heels in love with a beautiful Italian girl from Chicago. I met her in San Diego, while I was in training at the Marine Base there.
I could think of nothing else, just her. My heart would just float away at the very thought of here. I remember loving to go on "Radar Watch", which was THE most boring job you can imagine. Just sit there for 4 hours straight with eyes on a radar scope looking for incoming traffic. I was part of the early warning defense system. I hated the job, until I met Rosie. Then, I just loved to sit there, alone, and think of her. The time flew by, we were married, had two kids, and lived happily never after. Unfaithfulness led to divorce.
Now, that is the kind of love that I want to walk in with the Holy Spirit. Sometimes He reveals Him/Her/Itself as love. The Scriptures say that "God is love". When one says, "I love you", doesn't it really mean "I God you"?, since He is love. Yup, God No Thing, but is also Everything, for nothing exists outside of HIm. He has everything absolutely under His control, so it seems kinda stupid to fuss about all of the plans of those who hate our liberty and freedom.
Do I remember what love was like before meeting Jesus? YOu betcha. I learned what a mess I was in once I received Christ. I loved to share His love with anyone willing to listen. Mostly, the listener would nod condescendingly, then split. I used to go sit and have a beer in the tav. I couldn't talk about anything except Jesus. After a while, that got really old, because the listener stopped listening at the very mention of Jesus. That practice quickly came to a halt, as I got more involved in "relgion". Religion condemned me and stole my joy. Gimme Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, but you can stick your religion where da sun don't shine.
Just let me minister to someone who is hungry for Jesus.
Bless you

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

December 7, 1941

WWI was supposed to be "the War to end all wars". They even formed the League of Nations which would impose peace over the nations. Something was wrong with that picture. Hells bells, there was just too much money to be made manufacturing tanks, airplanes, bombs, rockets, motors, bullet, blankets, ponchos, tents, c-rations, uniforms, boots, etc. Ah hah, say's the greater murderers. Lets form a new group, all it the United Nations, put all the power and wealth of the League of Nations in it, and call it "for peace". Peace means the entrenched power elite could no longer line their pockets at taxpayers expenses, and simultaneously continue to reduce the world's poplulation, expecially of the "inferior races". The UN sucks.
America was pretty sneaky. They secretly brought several thousand Nazi scientists from Germany to America and put them to work, continuing the research they were doing for the Nazi's. Whats up wit dat?
Now I believe that I have the Holy Spirit and that He actually speaks to me. He warned me that America would be attacked in early May of 2001. This prophetic word was fulfilled with the  attack which occurred on Sept 11. Everything about that attack stinks of inside collaboration and treason by enemies of the people of the United States.
The unmasking of this deception would result in charges of treason under the Constitution of the United States. Those who are capable of blowing up the World Trade Center, the Twin towers, and the Meany Bldg in Oklahoma City are also powerful enough to control all press and media in the US.
The Holy Spirit told me recently that America would be attacked again, only this time it would be 70 times 7 worse than before. I realize this statement puts me into the category of "nutso". May all who think so be correct. I figure about 3000 souls bought the farm on 9/11. 70x7=490. 490x3000 souls equals about 1 million.
That means an all out attack in many places at the same time, or simply one nuclear explosion in someplace like NYC or Seattle. Don't matter if you are one who is killed. It matters a bunch if you happen to be one of the survivors.
Who are America's enemies?
The poor that we have fed in other nations? Those who possess the limited resources needed to continue living as the richest nation on earth? Those who control multinational corporations who have interlocking directorates with governments and banks? Those who love their power and position and will do anything to keep it.
I heard rumor of 400,000 soldiers stationed in cities throughout America that wear no uniforms. I suspect they aren't US soldiers either. Who sent them here? Why are they under cover, and not wearing the uniform the of the nation they represent?
Is AIDS a manmade disease, targeting the minorities? Look at the devastation of Africa by this horrible disease. The new kid on the block is Swine Flu. This is also a manmade disease. Why do all doctors in US have to send flu sam;les to CDC instead of examining them in local labs?
Is there a secrecy pact between the medical community, the military, and the shadow government.
Why isn't the government controlling the banks instead of the banks controlling the government? Who is running the show? Is God in charge, or the shadow government?
After giving this some thought my solution is, it don't matter. We are all going to die, even the richest of the rich, who think that through technology they will live forever. They will, but not in those bodies. God is bigger, smarter, tougher, and shows His secrets to His own. He alone is the hope of mankind, and I think He is about ready to spring His own surprize on mankind.
We humans are so absolutely arrogant, selfish, merciless, and greedy that there is no hope for us outside of the Living God.
Religion has convinced some innocent, gullible people that they can please God by blowing themselves off the planet, and take as many infidels as they can with them.
The Green Power movement is all for this, as long as they aren't getting blown up. It means less mouths to feed on the planet.
The One World Government's ultimate goal is the reduction of earth's population by 90%. I don't think that Christians, Muslims, or any of the minorities qualify to be among the remnant. The LORD told me that the spirit that controlled Nazi Germany was now living in the United Nations. That tells me that the UN leadership is anti Semitic, and anti Christian, as well as against the Muslims. In other words, any group that is not "Aryan" by birth, is garbage to them, and disposable. They have no regard for the value of human lives, except as slaves or servants, to take care of their needs.
My faith is that Jesus Christ will manifest as the Lion of the tribe of Judah, and as Savior of the World. I don't believe Christ is matreya, buddah, or the mahdi. I think He is Jesus. The same one that went to the cross for the sins of whosoever will accept him.
In Isaiah 26, he tells us to "enter into your chambers until the indignation be past". I believe we are seeing the beginnings of "the indignation". We have been warned for thousands of years to "be ready". But few are. "Hope deferred makes the heart sick". and "where is the promise of His coming'. His patience has been our salvation, because we mankind have screwed up His perfect creation pretty thoroughly.

Be on the lookout for New Heavens and new earth inside. We are all spirit beings living in temporary body bags. We must transcend death to see eternal life. Spooky stuff eh matie?

Better get some peace, love and joy while you can. It can only be found in Jesus Christ, who lives in a different dimension, its called the "spiritual one". Since we are beings of light, whether you see it or not, realize that you will live forever, but where? God says heaven for the heavenly minded, and who knows where for those that aren't?

I guess its time for war on the "Church".  This church is not Christ's Church, for in His Church dwells no darkness at all. Not pedophiles, or murderers or supposed Leaders of the faith. Christ is the Head of every man, unless of course, he himself, in his pride, sits on that throne.  That one will die.  The first won't.
My ramblings are over and you can shoot your barbs at this time in the comments section.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Prepare Ye the Way

Isa 40:1 Comfort ye, comfort ye my people, saith your God.
2 Speak ye comfortably to Jerusalem, and cry unto her, that her warfare is accomplished, that her iniquity is pardoned: for she hath received of the LORD's hand double for all her sins.
3 The voice of him that crieth in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the LORD, make straight in the desert a highway for our God. KJV

Anyone looking at the conditions of the world systems can plainly see that everything is crumbling around us. Every idol is being destroyed. That is to say, those things that man has trusted in to take care of him, except God. Man’s idols are power, money, and force. They hang their hope on these things.

God is saying to His own, “you are not to rely on any of these things, for I Alone am your source”. How many times have we read in the Psalms or Isaiah that He is a shield and a High Tower to those that trust in Him. Yet, we tend to quickly forget that He is the Author and Finisher of our faith. He alone has ordained the trials that have come into our lives.

His Word of late to me has been “The voice of him the crieth in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the LORD, make straight in the desert a highway for our God”. It is a divine mandate that His appearing is at hand. Make certain that your heart is prepared for the fullness of His coming. We, the church, are that voice crying in the wilderness of the land, get your heart right before God. Those entrenched in atheism or agnosticism, or in organized religion are all in the wilderness of their own carnal nature and unable to hear God. Even if you get in their face and yell, FIRE!, yet they are still deaf. We know that Christ, the indwelling Presence of God, is the ONLY answer, yet most reject Him.

Those with ears to hear and eyes to see, embrace our presence, because they are also Chosen Ones, from the foundation of the world to believe on Christ.

My message is simple. Don’t look outside of Christ in you for any hope. The church can’t save you, the government can’t save you, the doctors, lawyers and Indian chiefs can’t save you. Your salvation comes from Christ alone, and He lives within you. Get your heart pure before Him, so you can hear when He speaks. If you have any “sin” in your heart, you can’t hear Him, so examine yourself to see if there be any wicked way in you. Ask of Him and He will show you what you need to deal with.
Isa 59:
2 But your iniquities have separated between you and your God, and your sins have hid his face from you, that he will not hear. KJV

I have no doubt that God hears and knows all that is happening, since nothing exists are can exist outside of Him, and He is everywhere. We need pure hearts to hear the voice of God for all things that pertain to our lives.

He spoke to me recently and said “Believe Me for the multiplication of resources”. I immediately thought of Jesus feeding the throngs of people with just a few loaves and fishes. God knows His own, and has already made provision for them. All we need do is to trust Him, even when we can see no direction out. He is the solution. He makes everything out of nothing.
The forces of darkness gather with their sinister plans for the enslavement of mankind, and the elimination of everything that God stands for. It is truly a spiritual battle. The battle belongs to the LORD. He is our Momma Hen, and we are His baby chicks. I encourage each and every one of us to abide there, under the “shadow of His wings”. He tells us to dwell in the secret place of the Most High. (Psalm 91). He will also “make a road in the wilderness and streams in the desert. To know Him is to love Him.


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Dawning of the Day

Every now and then I make the mistake of poking my head out the door to see which way the wind is blowing. I read the Bible nearly every day which clearly tells us to
keep our mind focused on that which is above, on any good thing, etc.
In discerning the times, it is obvious that the One World Government is in the final stages of its implementation.
Some of the stranger things I have read include:
1. The establishment of a one world religion. I believe former Prime Minister Brown is working on this, along with the Catholic Church, etc.
2. The Illuminati is the heart of the NWO. These dudes are Gnostics, and believe that Jehovah is satan, and that satan is the Creater. They believe some really wierd stuff.
3. They have recruited to their ranks most of the scientific and educational elite
who believe that "nature" has elected them to a superior position of rank which entitles them to determine who should live or die.
4. They have control of the world's monetary supply and determine which nations should go to war, and they fund the same. They have adopted the "Green Agenda", catchword is "sustainability", as the platform to "socialize" the world. America
is nearly a communist nation. The green agenda's is to "collectivize" all resources necessary for life. This includes food, energy, water, and health care.
Check out "". This bypasses the federal, state, and local govt.
5. They control all finances, so that every person on the planet must use their banks to even buy food or pay bills. This is the Fed Resrv System. Soon, they will be calling for everyone to be microchipped if you wish to use their services.

Okay, these people are clearly running Banking, Big Business, and the Governments of the world. What does all of this portend for us "useless eaters"?
1. Old folks are useless eaters, contribute little or nothing to the work force, need the most health care, and are the cause for the collapse of the system, in their jargon. They fail to see that the wisdom of God is also stored in these same ones. We believe on the LORD God Almighty. They don't. We value all life. They don't, and have been working on a plan to eliminate about 6.5 BILLION of us people, with only the mindless healthy young to serve as their slaves. They believe that their power and money will conceal them from all danger, and that their is no God for them to fear.

Yeah its scarey to look at, if you don't know the One True God. In Christ, even if we croak, we win. God says that He has this all under control, and they are but fools and tools for Him to display His power through. He alone is in charge of the earth, not the NWO. The whole kit and kaboodle is coming to a head, like a zit on the face of the earth. God is going to pop the zit, and everything changes, but not like the NWO thinks. The Living God has His own agenda. I am pleased to report that all of us who have put our trust in Him shall not be put to shame. He has His ways, and Angels, and power beyond belief. The One World Govt doesn't realize that their very lives are in His hands. He is the One who raises up and tears down. They sort of forgot that the "wealth of the wicked is stored up for the righteous", and God Himself has made Jesus to be our righteousness.

The world has been preconditioned to prepare for the end of the ages. Consider the movies 2012, Meteor, Volcano, or the Day After Tomorrow. These films have all planted a seed of fear concerning the future. Even nature has been displaying the unstoppable power of the Living God. Things like Tsunamis, Earthquakes, new records being set both in highs and low temperatures. Record rainfall, flooding, heat waves, drought, and soon famine. Scarey stuff eh?

In truth, none of us really think too much about this as long as we are healthy and know where our next meal is coming from. God is shaking every foundation that man has stood upon, and bringing to judgment every idol that man holds in his heart. Those who fail to turn from their ungodly ways will not stand in the days ahead. The Living God is the same one Who slew 185,000 of His people's enemies in one night by the hand of one angel. If God be for you, who can stand against you?

If you are Veteran, or have a friend or family member who is serving in Armed Forces,
I urge you to share this link. Facebook won't even let me put it up. Our govt is
up to something: Go to 11-23-09, VA Property GRab.

I just want to encourage y'all to keep your nose buried in the "Book" and continually cast all of your cares, woes, fears, and needs upon Him. He Alone is faithful, and takes care of His kids. I am His child. He is my Momma Hen and I am His baby chick. He says "let the redeemed of the LORD say so". SO,SO, SO, SO, SO, SO, SO... get it? I declare that I am the redeemed of the LORD through faith in Jesus Christ alone. Got no faith in the world, or even my "self", just in Him.
Finally, I believe that the world is about to see such a Manifestation of the power of God through His saints that the world will be turned upside down. "All creation, groaneth, awaiting the revealing of the sons of God." Our day will come. The Glory of the LORD shall cover the earth, just like the waters cover the sea.
Praise the LORD, for our redemption draws nigh!
If you are the redeemed of the LORD, make certain you "say so" to His hearing.
Love ya.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Just wanted to say "Thank You" to ANONYMOUS for your words of encouragement. They
really mean a lot, and help me to see where I am wallowing in a fleshy pity-party.
God uses my wife in the same way. When I am not careful to guard my thoughts, I end up falling flat on my face. Thank you LORD for her because she helps lift me back up. Now, I also do the same for her. We aren't ususally both down at the same time.
I have learned to listen very carefully, and quickly repent when I see my mistakes.
It helps a little to know that some of my written experience or observations touch someone's life for good.
My neice was going through a major struggle involving the death of a relative of hers. I ended up praying for both her, her mother, and husband all at the same time.
I can't help but minister when God shows me the need, and the answer. He brought us all into this world for "such a time as this".
It is through that prayer does much more good than we can see.

Monday, November 30, 2009

On Freedom

"He whom the Son sets free is free indeed". I caught the latest program of "Democracy Now" on public access tv. The gal there, Amy was discussing her trip over the weekend to Vancouver BC where she was address a meeting of like minded folks I assume. What disturbed me was the way they were treated by the Canadian Border Patrol. I guess the Canucks are freaking out about terrorists, so they end up treating everyone like one. Can you believe the Canadian gov spent ONE BILLION dollars on security alone for the olympics?
Me, I could care less who can run or jump the fastest or furthest. The olympic endorsers charge through the nose for anything that you eat or drink there. I quit attending ball games for the same reason. My wife and I saw 2012 recently. It cost us almost $20 for popcorn and drink. Now that is some high powered price gouging. For those kind of prices, I am surprized that folks still go. I probably will never attend another movie theatre, on purpose. If I wait long enough, it will show up on free tv.
The LORD says "be careful for nothing, but in all thy ways, acknowledge God and He will direct thy steps".
Philippians 4:6
6 Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.

I am supposed to be the head and not the tail. That head part must be in a different realm, because it doesn't appear that way from what I see. When I pray for the sick, I expect them to be healed. How should I handle it when the person walks away limping the same way he came in? Do I quit praying for people? Is my faith nothing but presumption? I mean, its not my position to "heal" them. Its God's job. I prayed, using the name of Jesus, so I expect God Himself to honor His own word. I leave the results in His care.
I realize I am jumping all over the place here. I am trying to "guard my thoughts" because of the Thought Police.
There are scientists actually trying to figure out how to electronically read your thoughts. Now why would they want to do that? Could it be to control me, or manipulate my thoughts for their own gain? Obviously!
I pray the God of Abraham, and Jesus shows up with a little more power than I have noted of late. I don't want the Catholic Jesus. He don't heal nobody. They go into a Mass sick. Priest prays. They leave sick. In truth, in 30 years of attending the Catholic Church, I never once heard the "true Gospel preached". Oh they gave a tiny piece of one of the Gospels, but couldn't quite figure out what the Whole Gospel is.
Go figure! I stayed there until Jesus actually freed me from the spirit of religion.
Go ask a practicing Catholic what is the "Gospel" and you'll understand what I mean.
If you happen to be a practicing Catholic, as God to reveal Jesus Christ to you and save your soul. He will, because He already has. You couldn't even believe in Jesus Christ if your name wasn't already written in the Lamb's Book of Life, written from before the foundation of the earth. That makes you really old!
Noooo, I want the Jesus Who actually heals people, sets captives free, and has enough power to turn the world upside down at the mere mention of His Name. Angels have to "hop to" when one prays the Word of God, in Jesus' name.

Ps 103:20
20 Bless the LORD, ye his angels, that excel in strength, that do his commandments, hearkening unto the voice of his word.

Thats why I pray using His words, not me own.

I don't want any other Jesus, then the One Who died on the cross for My sins, and Rose Again from the dead, who sits at the right hand of the Father, forever making intercession for the saints of God. He sent His Holy Spirit to bring the kingdom of heaven to earth.
We need this Jesus now. My Jesus loves Jew and Gentile, He's color blind, and is concerned about heart conditions. Thats why I try to diligently guard my heart and therefore my tongue. "its not what goes in the body that defiles a man, but what comes out of his mouth". Mix this with "blessing and cursing are in the power of the tongue".
Proverbs 18:21
"Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof."

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happier Thanksgiving

Today is a day set aside by the Congress as a day to give thanks to God for the
freedom and blessings that we all enjoy. I thank God for all of His blessings,
even the ones I am not aware of, or have forgotten. He is such a Wonderful
Father to us, that we should call "Happy Father's Day". I am grateful that He
chose you and me to reveal His love and grace to. How blessed can you be?
I am grateful for hot water, a bed, covers, soap, a roof over my head, family,
friends, but more than anything, I am grateful for the Gift of Life He has
provided through the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ, who made a way for us
to come into His Presence. Praise and Glory, and Honor and Power and Wisdom
be to our God, forever and ever.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to All you blog readers. Thank you for praying for us, as it really makes a difference. We are all connected whether we realize it or not. "As ye have done to the least of My brethren, so do ye unto me."
Today was a struggle. Got paid with SS for the month. Wife paid the bills and told me the remnant. Uh oh... Okay God we need you.
I owed a debt of $140. Didn't have the bucks, you know. Called my creditor and announced my lack of ability to repay in this day. Was informed, it wasn't a debt, that the money wasn't a loan, but a genuine gift. You coulda blew me over with a feather. I was really grateful and told this person so. I also pray that God grants them a 100 fold return quickly.
Wife and I were going to store. Met a stranger, big guy, about 6'4". He had new haircut, clean clothes, and looked prosperous. He was a 'Nam Vet, as I am. We talked a bit, and the Lord came up. He was a Believer in Christ, as I am. I learned he was also a homeless guy. He had lost a very nice job over a year ago. His home was repossesed by your friendly local bankers, and he was out on the streets. He told me he was eating out of the food bank, and found a mission place to clean up. I checked the contents of my wallet and shared what I had. I then prayed for him. His face brightened a bit. It was an act that we all need to be doing. I sure couldn't tell he was homeless and destitute by his appearance. they can sure be decieving eh?
I always ask God to remember my needs when I give away His money, which He gave to me in the first place.
His plight reminded me how truly blessed I am, no matter what the outer circumstances appear to be.
Also recieved an email from one of my wife's childhood friends. She and her hubby are going through their own storm. Husband can't work and won't start receiving anything from SS until 4-6 months (Been there, done that also).T hey had hocked or sold everything they could spare to keep their mortgage current. She was stressed out and worked up what sounds like an ulcer. She asked for prayer, and advised us that it was the first time in her life that she had done so. I was surprised, but also humbled by the need.
I prayed for her, by email, with wife in agreement.
A little while later, my wife recieved a phone call from this sister. She sounded very cheerful, and heard wife laughing with her. My prayer was simple. Trust God in the midst of your storm. What else is there when you are at the end of your rope?
I have learned to tie a big knot at the end of my rope and hold on to Jesus.
God is good to me. can you imagine? Got a $140 debt cancelled, and fed a homeless guy and got to pray for a desperate situation, which I believe God will turn around for them, Just because we "had a little talk with Jesus".
Bless you

Fat Chance!

I recieved a comment on my last blog wondering what was up with "fat chance". I just want to comment that I didn't think I would be attending based upon my finances.
For me, it is one indication of the leading of the Spirit. I figure it this way, "If its God's will, then its also God's bill." Where God leads, He also supplies, or makes provision. With this understanding, I have been sent by Him to the Ukraines, Mexico, Boston, Philadelphia, DC, California several times, Nebraska, plus this conference. I am convinced that "My God shall supply all of your needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus".
None of us believed on the Lord Jesus Christ on our own. God snuck up on us and gave us this mysterious substance called "faith". He drew each of us to Christ, and those who accepted His offer (free gift) of redemption through the atonement, are ushered on into His kingdom. I remind God, when I am struggling, that this problem is His. I didn't give my "self" faith to believe, it was from Him. I figure God is big enough, Fatherly enough, and gracious enough to handle anything that comes His way.
When I really struggle, I call upon Him as Comforter, and ask Him to come and put His big arms around me. Even though I is gittin mighty old, I am still a big baby. He is still my Momma Hen, and I be His baby chick. Lets face it folks, this is the Maker of heaven and earth we are talking about. He is smarter than you and I will ever be. He is both outside and within time, and knows the end from the beginning. He knew how much each one of us would screw up our lives before He ever gave it to us. That tells me He forgave my sins even before they were committed. Selah!
How is it that our lives were "hidden in Christ Jesus before the foundation of the world"? (Eph 1:4-11).
This God that I serve is soooo Amazing. His name is Wonderful (Isaiah 9:6). That word Wonderful means literally "difficult to understand". That is God. He is NO Thing, and yet He is Everything. Go figure....
Anyway, thank you to Anonymous for bring "fat chance" up. It really caused me to reflect on what I was thinking. Fat chance means I didn't have to exercise faith to recieve His leading. He showed His will in what He did. You are loved~

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Its In the Sowing....

What a difference a day can make. Scripture says, whatsoever a man sows, that shall he also reap. Went to church on Sunday, and wife and I agreed to give our last $8 to the LORD via the offering. I never write a check so we almost always give cash.

Now I had received a brochure for a conference that I thought I would like to attend, but they wanted $50+ to go. If my wife went it would be $70 or so, but at the door it would be more. I recall saying to the LORD, "Well, If you want me to go, then You'll have to pay my way." Thinking "fat chance".

I have an old friend, and brother in the LORD that I lost contact with several years ago. We both happened to have changed our home phone numbers about the same time. His Mother had passed on and he had moved to her home out of his apartment.

Turns out he had been trying to locate me for a couple years, and managed to run across my brother's phone number, whom he called, who gave him my home phone number.
Well, he called me and told me that he was coming up, to go to a conference and wondered if I would like to go with him, and he would cover the expenses. I learned it was the same conference I had talked to the LORD about 2 months earlier. I agreed.
He picked me up and off we went. Upon registration he decided to pay my wife's way as well as mine. Praise The LORD! It cost him about $100 for just us. Then he decided we should eat out and paid for dinner. Hurrah, its been a few months since we actually ate out. Then, before he left for home, he handed me a $100 bill. Wow?
I asked God to bless him with a 100 fold return, and quickly.

Well, our furnace went out at the same time. In addition, my brother called me up to have breakfast with him, and told me his wife was feeling poorly. I decided to go over later and pray for her. I prayed up a storm with my brother in agreement. Once I finished praying, we chatted a bit, and I mentioned that the furnace had died, it is about 40 years old. The LORD put it on their heart to offer to pay for the repair of the furncae. Then, Sunne quietly left the room while my brothe and I chatted. She returned and handed me two bills. I thought they were $20 bills, but I
was wrong, they were $100s. YOu can imagine my surprize. I almost wept. No, I actually did weep. I can be a big baby sometimes. I was and am, very grateful for the goodness of God.

This is Wednesday. Since Sunday morning, without me asking anybody for anything, except making my prayers known unto God. Since then, God has bought us two great meals in a restaurant, gave us $300 cash, gave us an energy efficient heater, and put it on someone's heart to pay to fix our furnace. Goes to show you can't outgive
God. We have decided to see what happens when we sow out of what has been freely given.

An $8 offering has reaped an amazing reward. The principles of the Kingdom of God are the oppositie of the world's system. We didn't labor for what we received. It was all a gift from God. To know HIm is to Love HIM!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Being led

A minister I have known for years is in town hosting a "Healing Explosion". They charged for admission for the conference, which is pretty standard practice for many ministries. I didn't have funds to go, living on SS.
I told the LORD that if He wanted me to go, He would have to pay for it. He sent an old friend of mine, Ron, whom I had been out of contact with for a couple years. He called me the day before the Conference and asked me if I would like to go. I said sure. I was really happy just to see him, as we had been close friends for many years, and then, lost connection. I got a new phone and he had his changed about the same time.
The furnace just went belly up at home. Will need $1000 to fix. Wonder how its going to happen, since that is nearly all I bring in each month? This a really great time for God to show up and flex His awesome power. His word declares, "I will even make a road in the wilderness and streams in the desert". I am there LORD! HELP!
Strangest thing at this meeting, my left leg lost all surface sensation. Never experienced anything like that. It prompted me to leave a bit early. Still, God is in
charge of my life.
My God shall supply all of my needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Information Age

The comet Hale-Bopp was a prophetic sign, as was the star that the Three Wise Men noted and followed. It signified that this was a warning to the world to prepare for the second coming of Christ. It signifies that that which was Hale (healthy), is about to be Bopped.

I think I've only had one visitor who remained anonymous. He or she, was a Beleiver and said I should just go to my secret place in Christ, and it would all be good. I believe that and I do. He alone is my Comforter. I even sleep with my Bible. How weird is that? At least I am holding onto the "Word of God".

"The times they are achanging" is part of the lyrics to an old song. They really are.
Just learned the gov has planted 350,000 government agents all over our land. Our special friends Home land s ecurity is recruiting the boy scouts of am. and training them in search and destroy tactics. Wassup wit dat? There have been all kinds of secret gov orgs being set up to spy on us. I dont doubt that any who stand up vocally for liberty, freedom, democracy, freedom of speech, or in any way verbalize or vocalize their discontent with gov practices are targeted as "terrorists". This includes people who claim rights under the con stitution, libertarians. I wonder why our pres gave 1+ trillion dollars to banks and took over our auto industry. Folks, something stinks here. I learned that home land sec. has been having meetings with your children in school and offering rewards of $200 for information on their parents. Whaaaaat? Anyone who is a vocal Christian, expescially if he "speaks in tongues", is classified as terrorist. Wassup wit dat?

I am fully aware that every email message, every phone call, every program that you watch over cable, and every action you take is monitored by the gov. I feel like a Jew in nazi germany, with brown shirts or gestapo everywhere. If they want you gone, you will disappear in the middle of the night by black clad, heavily armed thugs who are paid to eliminate any opposition.

The nation has been bankrupt since 1933 and totally controlled by vested interests in big business and wall streeters. Our pres is amazing at how quickly he has enslaved us further, consolidated all government power under his administration, passed laws against the people, and for more gov contr

I guess I am a bit down by all this. I can see why Jesus said to be in the world, but not of it. If you haven't put on Christ, you better. There are lots of emptry Fema centers awaiting some event. I suspect mar tial law is in the air soon. Check out ""

I miss America. She was wonderful when the righteous prevailed. Wickedness has invaded our nation at the deepest and highest levels. The people and property of the US have been pledged as security to pay the debts on the loans to the fed. Even that is shocking. The banks own the US Gov, not the taxpayers. The Federal Reserve is totally owned by the banks, and has never been audited. Did you know that the three presidents who came against a "Central Bank" were assassinated? We are simply slaves. Very soon, the taxes are going to skyrocket. Many of us are going to find out for sure if we are willing to die for Jesus' sake.

There is a famine on the way, right now. Food and energy prices are about to explode out of sight. Us old folks on social security have already been targeted as "useless eaters" and we are therefor not "sustainable". Folks over 65 don't get flu shots?
Oh, don't forget about "hate crimes". That means you cannot use anything in the Bible to condemn perverted practices. The Man's first order of business was to sign into law, "partial birth abortion". The blood of the innocent (50 million of em} cries out to God for vengeance. Violence fills our land, as it did just before Noah entered into the Ark, and the wicked of the world were destroyed. I think its about to happen again, only this time, by fire. Hello! Anybody listening. Next he appoints a gay rights activist to control the info being taught to your kids in school. This includes gay stuff being presented as normal and healthy. Wassup wit dat?

I read one document that said that the New World Order plans to quickly eliminate all but 500 million people. Sure hope that was bogus. I don't trust the gov no more.
Don't trust the police, new casts, cable companies, etc. Not since I learned that there are secret cameras and microphones in digital convertor boxes, and in some TVs.
The gov has got some incredibly clever ways of accumulating info.

All of this is in preparation for the final enslavement of the free world, in subservience to the one world gov. The US middle class is nearly Kaputsky.
I love my country, and I pray it, and you, my fellow countryman. Learn how to live with a lot less, and very soon. Happy Veteran's Day.

Finally, our hope and trust is in God. He will not utterly make an end of the US, but we are in for a wrestling match. God knows His own, and is fully in charge of all that is. Nothing escapes His all seeing eye, and I'm not talking about the one on the dollar bill. That one is big brother. In Truth, my Big Brother has more clout that the New World Order. All He has to do is Speak, and everything changes. He gives us some insights in Matthew 24 and in Zechariah and in the Book of Joel.

Jesus is coming for His Bride. Are you prepared? Are you walking in righteousness? If not, than you about to be tested. I pray that all who read this will be accounted worthy to avoid the trial which is coming on all flesh. Yeah, I know that its doom and gloom. Thats only because, that is how I see it. Its possible its just the result of looking too closely at these things. I also see the glorious side of things also. The sleeping church is about to come to a rude awakening. God says that judgement must begin at the house of God. The true church will not fold in this hour, but will shine like the sun. Persecution only pours gasoline on the fires of revival. Look at China. There are more Christians there than in US.

Monday, November 9, 2009

The River is Rising

This has been a season of much rainfall. First it was drought, now there has been so much rain in the land that records are being blown all over. I expect America to have a very harsh winter. Still, the enemies of God are blinded to the Truth. Scripture says that "Surely the Lord God will do nothing without His revealing it first to His prophets". Father God still has His mouthpieces on the planet. There are everywhere, and invisible until God reveals them.
The Word now is, "much shaking, more natural catastrophies, famine, pestilence, earthquakes" (see Matthew 24 in ur Bible). At the same time, He is releasing a sevenfold level of His Glory on His people.
In the last 100 years, more Believers in Jesus Christ have died for their faith in Him than all of those that died since His first appearing. There is a great revival going on now all over the world. The New World Order is now ready to start flexing more of its muscles in the US and trying to dominate Israel. America was first settled by a group of Calvinists in Jacksonville, Fla in 1565. The Spanish settled St Augustine Fla. near by. The Conquistadors, under the direction of the King of Spain and the Catholic Church ordered the slaughter of the Cavlinists if they would not renounce their faith in Jesus Christ, and swear allegiance to the Catholic Church. They refused, and were slaughtered. Nearly 400 of them died.
God has not forgotten, and neither should we. I did not know of this until recently. God is Faithful. That first shedding of blood, has continued until this very day, where over 50 million innocent babies have been slaughtered from the womb.
The earth is soaked with the shed blood of the innocent, and cries out for vengeance to the Maker of heaven and earth. America, even the whole world, is filled with depravity and violence. This is the same as the days of Noah. For sure, some big time blood shed of the voices of opposition to those sicko evil practices, will try to be silenced. As this happens, many are not willing to stand for Christ, nor to die for Him. This makes them not worthy of the Kingdom.
I am convinced that every true Believer is targeted by agents of the NWO. Still, God is in control, whether it looks like it or not. I urge you to get on your knees, humble yourself before God, and receive Christ as your Saviour. It will make an eternal differnce.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Book of Joel

Jesus IS Lord!
Have been spending a lot of time alone lately, reading the Bible, meditating on what He says to me through it. The more I read it, the more I see how short I fall from the true place He has called me to walk in. We are all called to "die to self", and take up our cross daily and walk with it. We are also to "reckon yourself dead to sin, but alive to God through Jesus Christ". I reckon that is the truth! You know that Jesus was the "Firstborn of MANY brethren". He also says that we were with Him in the beginning, before the foundation of the world! I guess that makes us a lot older than we look. We were created in Christ Jesus for good works. Another, "As He is, so are we in this world". The Book of Joel is being manifested right before our eyes. This is truly the season of the outpouring of the early and latter rains together. Don't know if you have ever bothered to open your Bible and actually read the Book of Joel. I have and is points out some things about the sun and the moon. Once is that the moon is covered in blood, and the sun is darkened. I believe the moon represents the Church which reflects the Light of the Son. Being covered in blood suggests that the Church is suffering to the point of martyrdom. "He who seeks to save his life shall lose it, but he who loses his life for My name's sake shall find it and receive everlasting life". That means dying to self, and loving God more than your own life. The new man is put on once the old man is dead. That can only be done through faith in Christ.
I just learned my little brother Jim is having surgery today. Will go see him in hospital. Your prayers for him are appreciciated. "As you do unto the least of My brithren, so do ye unto Me".
Bless you

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

DTV Spy Cam

Hi Y'all,
Just watched a short video on youtube.
A guy opened up a brand new Magnavox DTV convertor box. Inside it were both
a tiny camera and microphone. Connected to cable, who knows were this info is
going. Me no like 'em. Big Brother is observing folks even at home. Doubt me?
I suggest looking it up youtube yourself.
I have also released a short article on "The Kingdom of Heaven". I believe you
will be blessed by it.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Change is Here!

Dear People of God. God has not forgotten His Own and is Rewarder of them that diligently seek Him. He forgives all who come and acknowledge His Fatherhood and Lordship over our lives. He created us all, Chinese, Hindu, Russian, Muslem, Buddists, even the satanist. He only sent One Son to atone for your sins, and His Name is the only One given in heaven or on earth, whereby we might be cleansed from our sin, since He already did. God Want You in His Lifeboat named Jesus Christ. Its free to any who will recieve. All who recieve Him are forgiven, and given the rights to be called "Sons of God". "Beloved, NOW we are the sons of God."
God's deepest affection is for each of you individually. He created you in His own image and likeness. Sin destroyed that holy fellowship and God send Christ to repair the breach. He decided that we all were so blind and ignorant that He would come down and take all of mankind's sin and place in Himself, in Jesus Christ. The Creator was in the Created and made Jesus to be a curse for the sins of all mankind. He said "It is finished" and it is. He died to make us "righteous". He also sent the Holy Spirit, after He arose from the dead, went into heaven.
The Mystery of the Ages is simply this, "Christ in YOU, the Hope of glory". He says, I stand at the doorway of your heart, and invite you to avoid the coming Judgment. Repent now for the Kingdom of heaven is "at hand".
There is a two edged sword coming up this nation. We have received warning after warning in the weather conditions alone. He is turning up the volume so we, as a people, will be willing to listen. Those who stand against righteousness will be destroyed. But first, Judgment must begin at the House of God. His "Church" is going through the Refiner's Fire for purification in preparation for the marriage supper of the Lamb. He has bid all to come in who are willing. The Father knows every man's heart, and the reasons why he does all that he does.
God has been building a Body for His Full habitation. He wants to magnify and glority every single one of His Sons. But the seed of the ego and flesh nature must fall into the ground and die. The one who comes to God must give ALL of himself to His King and Savior, and hold back nothing. Examine your heart very carefully and see if there be any wickedness or unforgiveness in you. YOu have to forgive because you have been forgiven. We are to "be in the world but not of it". Help Lord!
Once a person has died to his "self", and asked Jesus into His heart, the seed of Christ begins to grow. The seed grows from the soil it is planted in. The soil is your heart. God has chosen mankind as the place for His holy habitation, or dwelling place. He says to seek that which above and eternal, within you. Eternal Life is only found in Jesus Christ. He says "There is none who comes to the Father except by Me! Receive the Son and you also receive His Father, even the One God.
There is war going in the heavenlies over the nations of Israel and the United States. America has rejected God from its government, its schools, its homes, and even many of His churches. He has been destroying the false idols of the land. Money, power madness, lust for perversion, Greed, Adultery, theft, swearing oaths before God and lying about this. Poppa God loves His family ,which you are, enough to correct you. The Book Of Jeremiah reveals abundantly that God punishes a nation for its sins once its cup of corruption is full. He once the People to change their minds and hearts about Who God really is.
His corrections include the Sword of wicked men, famine, pestilence, darkness, etc,. Consider the plagues that God sent upon Egypt for holding His people captive. God is raising up an army of Moses, or Deliverers, in Jesus Name. His people will shine with Light of His glory. They have on the full Armor of God, which is Jesus Christ. He is their cloak of Righteousness. Harvest time has arrived.
An explosion of the Power of God is about to hit planet earth like the world has never seen. His very Nature is Love. He is ever Merciful and will forgive sins in Jesus' Name. Please, give Him all of your heart in love. Let no evil thought have any foothold in you.
What if I told you that China, Russia, N. Korea, Cuba, the Communist nations still desire to convert the free United State to a third world, slave state. The Communist ploy is always to take two steps forward, then one backward. These powers have joined hands with certain religious fanatics, who absolutely Hate the God of Israel and the God upon whom the Constitutional liberties were rights, not privileges. Our enemies want to destroy us, but God will not permit it entirely. There is still a lot of really destructive things happen.
Famine has begun in America. Our large chemical companies, combining with the goverment, have nearly destoyed the honey bees needed to pollinate all crops. In China, they have done the same thing and must pollinate the plants by hand.
I have learned that nearly 1/3 of the bees are gone. Its called Colony Collapse Disorder. In addition to less fruit or grain, unseasonable storms have shown up at just the wrong time for harvesting. The other side of that is drought. Temperatures have soared to new record highs this year, all over. People are struggling under the pressures. Finances are collapsing everywhere. Banks are repoing millions of homes. Formerly wealthy folks, who placed all their hopes on their retirement nest egg had it taken away nearly overnight. Fear permeates the atmosphere all around. Earthquakes,Tsunamis and Hurricanes been blowing with incredible destructive force.
In May, Hallem Neb. was wiped off the map by a two mile wide tornado. The Weather Channel reported that they had 360 tornadoes in 9 days. The number 9 means the end before you start all over again.
There is lots of speculation about the date Dec 21, 2012.
I Believe God is warning us to prepare for His immediate return. Only those who really know Him will see Him at this time. I see this at an "unveiling" of Christ within His "beheaded" ones, because He is their head. They know His Voice, and another voice they will not follow. These follow the Lamb whereever He goes.
His Word has been written indelibly upon their hearts. They KNOW Him in Whom they have believed. The Lord knows His own and is fiercely jealous to take care of them.
The strongest attacks will come just before the Light shines forth seven fold. All creation has been awaiting the moment that is upon us, the revealing of the sons of God, and they are here to help bring in the harvest.
Here is what I did to find His peace. I asked God to reveal to me His love for Jesus Christ, and for me, so I could feel it. If Jesus is for real, then show me God. I really want to know your love and feel it. Reveal to me if Jesus Christ is the Messiah or not. He will.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Uh Oh!

I am relieved to learn that I am not the only prophet of the Lord who sees
God's Righteous judgments at the doorway. God showed others including AA Allen,
Dimitri Duduman, Henry Gruver, and others that American's Golden Cup was quickly filling to the top with her wickedness, changing of law, dividing of Israel, and siding with the nations against Israel. God says "Touch not Mine anointed and do my prophets no harm". Messing with Israel, to me, is like poking your finger in the eye of God. He will not be mocked, and will perform His word.
When God's judgments hit, men will either curse God or repent. His judgments can be found liberally throughout Jeremiah. Read Chapter 51. These judgments are:
famine, pestilence, war, enslavement. The Church will be attacked and persecuted as usual. Many will give up their lives rather than follow the beast and take his mark. In Book of Joel, the sun is darkened and the moon turns to blood. The moon represents the Church. It only reflects the Glory of the Son(sun). The comes the great harvest (Feast of Tabernacles meaning) for the order is given to thrust in the sickle and gather the fruit of the earth. His Angels have gone forth.
For America must receive the recompense of her ways.
I believe every Christian leader is targeted, as well as every Christian. We have been computerized, studied, analyzed, and judged by the world as "useless eaters
While many will die, the Power and Majesty of the Living God is rising up. God is bringing a correction to this nation that will blow the world's mind.
Seek Him now, with all your heart, and be found in Him when this comes down. If ALL of your trust isn't in Jesus Christ, you are not going to like the future for thenext couple years or so.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Truth or Consequences?

Thank you for stopping by. Have never had a comment on any of my blog articles. It is apparent that nobody is reading them. Never a kind word or encouragment, or even to say, knock it off. A simple wall of blind or ignorant indifference. Doesn't matter, because, "I have decided to follow Jesus". No turning back. He offers no middle ground. He's an "all or nothing" kind of God. He gave His "All" for us, and He says, "the disciple is not above His Master". If you hate what I write, you probably hate My Savior and His Father, Who is also my Father, which makes Jesus my Brother.
YOu think thats confusing? His Mother Mary gave birth to a child. This Child was different from any ever born before. She was giving birth to her Everlasting Father,
Almighty God, her Son, and her Brother in Christ. Talk about a confusing relationship. My Jesus is pretty versatile and has to wear a lot of hats. He now looks like a lot of different people as well. There are an unknown number of folks walking around who have died to their "self", and the Spirit of the Living God has taken up residence there. The day is upon us wherein "all creation groaneth, waiting the revealing of the sons of God. This is the season, and I believe the hour of His appearing. His revealing is not to the naked eye, but inside and just to His Chosen Ones.
Along with this revealing is also an "unveiling" of His Nature withing them. This also their tranformation that enables them to love their "lives Not" unto death. Its His crown of glory they seek, and not their own. These have been tried in the fire, refined as it were, seven times in the furnace of afflication, and have been purified from their wickedness and iniquity and found worthy in His Holy Eyes for
His habitation.
The Bride of Christ has prepared herself and made herself ready for the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. The table is almost set, but there are a few seats still available, but only to those who are willing to humble themselves, and come to Him in meekness. He is Love. Really, to Know Him is to love Him, for He is Love.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

About Big Brother

Howdy Y'all,
I bring you greetings from my Big Brother. His name is Jesus Christ and He loved us enough to die on a cross for us to inherit His kingdom. He told us the Kingdom is at hand, and that if we would but believe on (have faith in) Him and the Power of His Name on earth and in heaven, for He is LORD of both. He is the Same, yesterday, today and forever.
I have learned that He places special favor on those that actually believe Him, and act upon it. Those that see no results from using His Name are probably praying from the flesh and not the Spirit.
Jesus told us that the Kingdom is "not of this world", and that we are to "be in the world but not of it". For this to be so, we must be "born again from above". You cannot believe in Jesus Christ unless your Name has been written in the Lamb's Book of Life" from the foundation of the earth. Imagine this..."as He is, so are we in this world".
I have learned, and am learning that I can not place any faith in MY mind and thoughts. I can place no faith in anything that smacks of "old nature" which is a dead nature without Christ, the Living Word, giving me His life. I gave Him mine, and, by faith, I have received a new nature, even His very own, which the Word declares that makes me a "partaker" of the Diving Nature. That is were that power of God moves at the very mention of Jesus's Name. Demons gotta flee, but they won't if you don't "believe". "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he". Whatever you
BELIEVE to be true, IS true to you.
Every one of us must get our hearts cleansed from ALL unrighteousness. This can only be done by "putting on Christ" and being "renewed in the Spirit of the Mind", by the "washing of the water of the Word of God. Jesus was the Word of God before anything existed. Whatsoever He says, is Truth, and can be trusted. It must be spoken out to affect the atmosphere. Remember, What things ye desire, when you pray, BELIEVE that you recieve them and you shall have them". Most folks really don't believe HIm. They trust in their finances, personal skills, themselves, and all they can see, or are told by those in whom they have confidence. They simply will not put confidence in Christ's ability to carry them through life. I trusted Him with my death, but not my life. Now, coming to learn of His true Nature through His Word, and fellowship in the Spirit, I find that He is truly Love. That is His very Essence and is Maniested to us by the power of the Holy Spirit, which is God's Presence on the earth. He lives in our hearts, and is only revealed to those who are looking for His appearing.
His enemies are your enemies. They are sense and reasoning, the entire fleshly nature, doubt and unbelief. "They that be Christ's HAVE crucified their flesh and the lusts thereof." I sure want to be Christ's complete possession, to give Him liberty and freedom to do whatsoever He chooses with and through me. He da Boss, and I ain't. I asked Jesus to reveal the Father's love to me, and He revealed Christ to me. He sent His Very Spirit into my heart through faith. I simply asked Him to fill me with that same Love found in Jesus. He did. Praise Ye the LORD!

Wait 'til you hear Jesus call you "brother". He addressed me once as Brother Pat. It blew my mind, but showed me that we have the Same Father. "Call no man on earth your father, for Your Father is God". I had a hard time with Catholic Priests, who have decided that somehow, God the Father had given them His Title. I just call them brother. I want God "fer me and not agin me". Thats why I put ALL of my faith, trust, and hope in my Kinsman Redeember, even Jesus Christ, Creator of heaven and earth. Why don't you just humble your stupid, arrogant, blind ego to the Lordship of Christ, and you shall be "saved". What do ya say to God? Nah, I don't need no saving. I will never die and that its only a transition. OR 'Ya know,God I believe You exist. If You were really in Jesus and He is the only Savior, will you reveal Him to my heart. I ask for Your Love to be revealed to me. Come into my heart Lord Jesus and save me. Please?
If you got balls enough to do that, then you are going to get your mind blown. He WILL come and be with you.
Your servant in Christ

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Our Father...

I have been having some wonderful times with the Presence of the Lord. My heart or
chest has been giving me a pain for about six weeks or so. It seems when I belch, I tend to feel better. The Master had the Pastor come forward during services and pray
for me while standing on the chair in front of me. As best I know how, I recieved a
healing by faith in His Word. Because He honors His Word above His Name, I have faith
to be healed by God Himself as a Manifestation of His love for the Son, Who owns my Life. I am tired of hurting. Its taking my strength. I need to travel from Auburn to Bonney Lake, to Mineral Washington south of Mt Rainier, then pick up a boat, drive back to Bonney Lake, then back to Auburn. Shower, change clothes, and drive wife to Lynnwood to a free dinner at Black Angus. After dinner, drive to Kirkland,
pick up car and drive back to Auburn. I think this is a bit too much for me right now. I told Doreen's Mom that I would car her tomorrow and let her know. Her son Andy is turning 50 and she wants to us help celebrate it. None of his children or other siblings can make it. I'll make it if he changes his mind about location. There is a Black Angus in Federal Way.
Well, I am stil believing Our Father for total healing, in Jesus' Name. Amen

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Its Saturday, Oct 3. I was given a DVD titled "BORAT" by my son who offered "Its a really good film". I have been around for nearly 65 years but this film is the most uncivilized film I ever watched. The film embraces sex as okay with anyone or anything, nothing is out of bonds. Parent/child, brother/sister, homosexuality, etc, were all condoned as acceptable practices. It was completely anti Semitic as well. Lets put it this way, it was totally depraved. Destroy a copy if you can.
Folks, this film is a sample of the depravity to which man has fallen from God. My wife and I are ministers of the Gospel, but for her "church raised" son to say it was "good" tells me he is in deep darkness. It tells me the kind of things is age group "young adult" finds acceptable. This a generation of young that has not "put on Christ", believed or received the Gospel. It tolerates anything, and if you speak against such behavior, it is called a "hate crime". American has fallen into deep darkness thanks to its enemies. There is no free press. All of the newspapers, radio and television stations belong to just a few giant corporations, in collusion with the government, about what is permissable.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

New Day

Not to worry about tomorrow everybody! Why? Because you only got today.
Our God is a "Living God", and is the God of now. His Life is NOW. Since
I don't have any life except that which He permits, moment by moment. How does a
servant make plans for His Master? He doesn't. He listens only for the Master's
voice and moves in instant obedience. That's what Kingdom living is. The son, slave or servant, whichever way you identify "self", listens for "The Voice" and
does only that which he see's the Father doing or speaks what He hears the Father
saying. I have been trying very hard to be a diligent listener.
I find the Word is really moving my heart. I've asked the Holy Spirit, with His
fire to enter, examine, and fix any problem areas He sees. I want the Fire for
it is the Purification of God. Once that ole heart is in the condition suitable
for His habitation, I expect good things to happen. I am seeking Him with all my
heart, and He knows it. He is showing up faithfully. I can tell because I find
myself weeping over the Word, interceding for a lost and dying world.
I have found that very few souls really love my Jesus. That know for sure that
I am a fanatic because I hardly talk of anything else. If you don't love Jesus,
you would hate being around me.
On the other hand, if you love Him, then you would delight to be in my presence.
Why? Because, where I am, He is also, cause He lives in my heart. My life is not
my own. I gave it to God in Christ Jesus. He is really Wonderful (Isaiah 9:6)
If you would like me to pray for you, send me an email, or respond with a comment on
the blog. I promise I will bring your need to Our Father, which art in heaven.


Okay, so this is probably not news to you. I just read an article on it and have
provided a link so you can see for yourself what kind of mess we are in.

The system is called dead hand system, and assumes the worse and fires its nuclear
missles. How cheery a thought is that? I don't care how careful man is, he always manages to build something that will malfunction sooner or later.
The above article only adds fuel to the fire of my conviction that the Age of the Kingdom is at hand. Repent, for the kingdom is at hand. If there was ever a time to draw close to God, through His son Jesus. We all need a Saviour from the sudden
destructions headed at us.
I suspect that there will also be a collapse of all currencies as a New World Order,
one world currency is issued. Cant' get the new cash with your microchip to id you though. Who you gonna trust, your friendly bankers and Federal officials, or put your faith in God alone, without the world's money and chip. Choose carefully....
I have already made my choice, and His name is Jesus. If God isn't on my side in this, I don't want to live in this world anyway.
I urge you to pray for your loved ones to choose life, not death. It actually means choose Life in Christ. Tough stuff just ahead. I am totally in God's hands. If He doesnt' "Shepherd me", we can't make it. I guess I will sign off for now.
Bless you

Friday, September 25, 2009

Update 9/25

Okay, I am still proud to report that I am still in the land of the "upright".
Have determined that the devil wants me dead, but my God is his boss. Got an
email from a strange sister ((unknown to me, actually I like her because she is
so unique). Jesus gave her a specific instruction to eat "watermelon" for three days and drink some water. I decided to "heed the Prophet and ye shall prosper". Besides, I like watermelon. Went to Senior Centr and they were giving away free, freshly cut up watermelon. I thought, "What a God"! and laughed out loud at His request, and immediate solution/answer. I ate the watermelon and felt better. Also contacted an old friend, Jack and Lee Flores. Learned his wife, Lee, has just gotten out of the hospital after spending 14 days in it for cancer. He said he spent every waking hour at her side, praying. He also had been in the hospital recently, but one day only. Some folks are saying they are seeing visions, etc, of natural disasters in the land. I'd say that is cause to draw close to God so you can hear His Voice direct your steps. Only he who is led by the Holy Spirit is on a safe path. He is the Vine, we be but the branches. He is our Brother, Heavenly Father, Healer, Almighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace, King of kings, and Lord of lords. He alone is "the light that lights every man that comes into the world". I am pretty sure He is just about ready to turn on the High Beam Headlights, with a fresh Wind of Change for the Church, America, Israel, and the rest of the world. Judgment must always begin at the House of God because it is we who have been entrusted with His Word, His Spirit, and His power. Most of us don't believe God. We put our faith in that which we can see, doctors, medicine, priests, etc. But healing only comes from God. He can and does use medicine, for those who lack the faith to trust Him.
I just heard from a dear friend of a brother Rudy Jones, who lives back east somewhere. The brother is 85 years old, and neither he nor his wife had an
illness that required a doctor since they were 21 or so. We all need to trust the Jesus that is the same, yesterday, today and forever. We need to trust in His name and His Word. I really like the fact that He honors His Word, even above His Name. That way we can speak His words over any circumstance, and it Must obey the Word of God. Am I getting this wrong? His Word says, "If God be for us, who can stand against us?" I figure this way, if my life is hid in Christ, I died when I sinned, accepted Christ, got baptized into His death, and have been raised from the dead, in Christ, at His resurrection. Anybody messes with me, is messing with Jesus, God the Father, the Holy Spirit, surrounding angels, and that should be more than enough. What floors me is this, "Whatsoever you do to the least of My brethren, you do unto Me." Man, I gotta be nice to everyone because of that. "Vengeance is Mine, I will repay saith the Lord". and
"As you forgive, so shall you be forgiven". If ya want it, ya gotta give it away.
Still need two vehicles to find new homes or start working. Maybe God will send a mechanic. He has before. How I love the Lord! To know Him is to love Him.
Amen Y'all

Monday, September 14, 2009

End of the World, Last Days, and Eternal Life

Now there's a title you don't see every day. Every one of us mortals will expereience a Last Days, (tribulation), The End of the World. That is the end of the domination of the flesh over our lives. That is accomplished by the power of the Holy Spirit in the heart of one who has Yielded his life to Christ. You surely remember that "Eternal Life" is only found in Christ. Christ can only be found in your heart if you have humbled yourself at His feet and made Him Lord over your life. He then owns you and you, personally, are God's affair. He determines what comes into and out of your life. When the Light shines in your heart, then darkness is chased out. He is Love. He is Life. He alone is the Healer. He has set you and me aside for such a time as this. Our lives are not our own, and we have been bought with a price, even the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, so that we might live in Him. He is the Vine, we are His branches, bone of His bone, and washed in His Blood. His Words alone have given us Life, for they are Spirit and Life. May each of us yield our hearts to the unfailing Love of the Father and of Christ, receive wholeness by His Spirit, and yeild our hearts and minds, that Christ may be All, in all.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Good News!

If you are reading this, then I want to let you know that Jesus made a way for us. He made a "road in the wilderness, and a stream in the desert". Doreen and I finally purchased another car. We are trying to get the other two cars out of here. Have them advertized on Craigslist. Some interest...
Have really stepped up my quiet times with the LORD. I need fresh vision and Him. Thats all.
Thank you so much for praying for us. God heard you, and said, "Why not".
Bless you

Sunday, August 9, 2009

How to Be?

What will you do when you think you are nearing the end.....?
In the past few days, I have had some very painful, stressful, chest pains. I think it is a manifestation of heart disease or demonic attacks.... As a spiritual man, my life and times are in the Lord's hands. The Lord told me that I would not miss the things He has for me.

The stress is horrific right now. Was buying a van on payments, and it's tranny just blew. We have been house bound since Monday. Hoping to borrow Jesse's van to go find another vehicle for Doreen and I.
We totally missed a conference we had registered for. I got hit with another attack yesterday and had to go lay down. I promptly arose and sat on a couch and simply prayed. The Wonderful Counsellor, Holy Spirit came and put His wings around me and comforted me. The pain dissapated soon, He restored my peace, and I was able to sleep.

Please pray for us, especially for transportation.
Bless y'all

Thursday, July 9, 2009

End of the World

Greetings in the name of Jesus,
I titled this the "End of the World", because many folks are concerned about the end being upon us. In truth, we haven't even entered into the "Great Tribulation" yet. The world will not end for at least 1000+ years, because our Saviour must reign for 1000 years, as I understand years.

The end of the world is a must for each Believer in Christ. Friendship with the world is enmity with God. "The Spirit lusteth after the flesh" meaning that the Spirit wants to occuply the position of domination that our flesh now holds. There is a transformation in process in each of us. Little by little, line upon line, truth upon truth, precept upon precept in each of us. Our commitment to Christ is but the first step. Now comes the "fire" of the Holy Ghost. This fire is not the flame kind. It is the circumstance kind. In Christ, each challenging circumstance that comes into your life is a fresh trial of faith. We overcome by our faith! Not faith in our self, but faith in God Who has chosen us to believe on Jesus. The fire is, in truth, a purification process, converting us into vessels fit for His holy habitation. It is the end of our world as we knew it.

Prayer request:
My sister Mary Anne called this morning with devastating news, advising me that her husband Tex had just received report of a tumor growing and has requested intercesssion in prayer. He beat cancer about 18 years ago, and I have faith God will see him through again. He is a very godly man, great father and now grand father of 69 or so. He is a very gentle soul. Stand in agreement with us all that he will beat this also, in Jesus' Name.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

King of Pop

Michael Jackson went to his reward and his memorial service was today. His service was very moving, professionally choreographed, with many of the nation's best performers singing his tunes. I was blessed watching. May his soul rest in peace.
Doreen and I are still in urgent need of a new vehicle. My wonderful brother Joel brought over an extra work van that he doesnt' need for the moment and we have been driving it around. It gets us around, but its a temporary loan only. Please stand in agreement with us for a permanent solution. We are owed some money by the county, which might be a solution. Please stand in agreement for the prompt release of those funds, in Jesus' Name.
Mom just went through a crisis. We spent a couple of days with her to help out. She really appreciated the company. She has been a continually blessing for us, and to us. She has been a smoker for 60 years and has much difficulty breathing. I keep asking the Lord to give her new lungs or to enable her to breathe easier.
My brother Jim also had kidney failure and is on dialysis. He needs a miracle of new kidneys. Is anything too difficult for our God. I think not. My son John has been investigating Pentacostalism due to the influence of a coworker, and our prayers for him. I am believing God for the revelation of the Jesus to him and his catholic family.

Bless y'all
Thank you Jesus.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

So Now What?

Still in dire need of a car. Appreciate your prayers for that!
Wow, in the past week Michael Jackson, Farrah Fauwcett, and Ed McMahon all died. They all worked so hard to acquire wealth and recognition. Jackson is reported to be worth over $236 million. Guess what? He didn't take a penny with him, and all of his fame only caused him problems. None of us is taking anything with us when we die. The only thing we can do to have anything on the other side is how we have treated Christ in the other person. Self sacrifice now is the key to position on the other side. Jesus said it this way, "He who seeks to save his life will lose it, and he who loses his life for My name's sake shall find it.
The truth is that your body is only a bag holding the real you. We are spirit beings inhabiting fleshy bodies. This body is disposable, and easily destroyed.
It sure is easy to die. A guy was sitting in a barbar shop this morning in Auburn, getting a nice friendly haircut. Suddenly, a car came crashing through the wall and got him. Eternity is here and now. The Kingdom of Heaven is within each of us. Lets go it all the way. Put on Christ or go to hell!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Condition

Hi There,
Today is June 3 and wife and just returned from grocery shopping. I spent all we had except for $3. That is enough for one gallon of gas. We are in God's capable hands and He shall certainly provide for all of our needs.
Car is dead and needs new engine.
The NWO is becoming more manifest. Keep your eyes open for "sustainable".
That is the New World Order catchphrase. If its not sustainable, than it is disposable.
It appears that the economy is recovering a bit. I know by the Spirit that this is nothing more than a temporary pause. I expect that in the 4th Quarter things will start declining again.
What we are witnessing is a resurgance of the spirit that drove Adolf Hitler in the 1930's. God told me that this same spirit had taken up habitation in the United Nations. I believe that we will continue to see enhancements in the power of the executive branch.
I have read of the construction of remote prisons.
I expect to see the declaration of Martial Law this year sometime. I expect to see a massive increase in strong arm robberies, thefts, and bank robberies.
In addition, I expect to see a huge increase in inflation which is nothing less than a continued decline in the purchaseing power of the dollar.
God says to pray that you may be accounted worthy of escape the trial which is coming on all flesh.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


What do you know. Today is a brand new day. All of your yesterdays, and your confessed sins are cast from you. If you were not a Jew, God has not been inputing sin unto you. Why? Because you were never under the Law of Moses. Once you believed in Jesus, you were given Eternal Life to dwell within you. God even gave His Holy Spirit to you. What are you going to do with it. Be like me? Beleive it or not, I am stoned a lot, so I pretty much keep to myself. " He who keeps to himself, seeks his own desire.". Only person's who I am in communication with are my Mother in Law, my brother Joel, and occasionally Doricia, a Sister Bud. That meeans she is my buddy in Christ, as well as my sister. My wife is also my sister. Confusing to you pagans I'll bet. I am not saved by my good works, my inherent goodness, or anything I did, except believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. I ask Him to get on the throne of my heart and stay put. Somehow, my old man keeps appearing alive. When, I reckon I'll hear from you about this, maybe. Is it my good behaviour that saves my soul, or the sacrifice of Jesus on that cross 2000 years ago? By grace are ye saved through faith, not by works, lest any man should boast, and that not of yourself. It is the gift of God.. Thank you Father, I receive your free gift. Let me be accounted worthy to avoid that test which is coming on all flesh. In Jesus' Name,,,, Amen

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Through the Fire

Jesus promised never to leave us nor forsake us, and that He would be with us "through the Fire".

Every human being on planet Earth goes through refining fires. For the Believer, the challenges are always to one’s faith. It seems the crisis arises out of nowhere, and the Spirit realm waits to see what comes out of the victim’s mouth. God warns us that “blessing and cursing are in the power of the tongue.”
A report of a tumor has come to me from my wife.
She believes that a tumor she had removed four years ago has returned. She is experiencing some discomfort from it, and I believe she is a little frightened. For me, this also is a challenge to my faith. I choose to believe the report of the Lord. His report says, “by His stripes, ye were healed”. I refuse to budge from that position, and I will fast and pray for a good report.
I am writing this blog to ask for you to please uphold us in prayer. She has no job and no health insurance. I only have Medicare which does not cover her. We are also currently without a running car. I am broke, housebound, with an unemployed stepson camped out 24/7 in the living room. He is not a believer and needs born again. He also has no driver’s license or transportation.
Although our circumstances look bleak, God declares that He will cause them to bring great good into our lives. His Word says, “All things work together for good for them that love the LORD and are the called according to His purpose.” I believe Him and I believe something good will come out of these struggles. Please stand in agreement for a few miracles for this household. That includes, a disappearing tumor, and the appearance of a good car (must be a gift), and a new direction for Vernon.
Your servant in Christ

Monday, April 27, 2009

Give Thanks

Greetings Y'all,
Thanks for stopping by. Please leave me a note or something so I know this isn't just a flat waste of time.
I have been struggling to keep my head screwed on, and really seeking God's help.
1. Wahing machine died. God put it on a Brother's heart to buy one for us. God bless him 100 fold for his kindness to us.
2. Got signed up to reduce property taxes. The tax master discounted the real estate taxes by nearly 66%. Someone paid that tax bill for us also. Thank you God.
3. Septic system in yard was failing. This is a Very Expensive problem. God put it on someone's heart to pay for that as well. If and when we sell the home, that will be reimbursed.

All I can say is "Thank you Lord!" Bless those who have given unto You by giving unto us.

God is Great!