Thursday, July 9, 2009

End of the World

Greetings in the name of Jesus,
I titled this the "End of the World", because many folks are concerned about the end being upon us. In truth, we haven't even entered into the "Great Tribulation" yet. The world will not end for at least 1000+ years, because our Saviour must reign for 1000 years, as I understand years.

The end of the world is a must for each Believer in Christ. Friendship with the world is enmity with God. "The Spirit lusteth after the flesh" meaning that the Spirit wants to occuply the position of domination that our flesh now holds. There is a transformation in process in each of us. Little by little, line upon line, truth upon truth, precept upon precept in each of us. Our commitment to Christ is but the first step. Now comes the "fire" of the Holy Ghost. This fire is not the flame kind. It is the circumstance kind. In Christ, each challenging circumstance that comes into your life is a fresh trial of faith. We overcome by our faith! Not faith in our self, but faith in God Who has chosen us to believe on Jesus. The fire is, in truth, a purification process, converting us into vessels fit for His holy habitation. It is the end of our world as we knew it.

Prayer request:
My sister Mary Anne called this morning with devastating news, advising me that her husband Tex had just received report of a tumor growing and has requested intercesssion in prayer. He beat cancer about 18 years ago, and I have faith God will see him through again. He is a very godly man, great father and now grand father of 69 or so. He is a very gentle soul. Stand in agreement with us all that he will beat this also, in Jesus' Name.

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