Monday, May 24, 2010

Big Picture

Hi there,
Today is Monday. Mother in law is ill, her cousin is dying and so is her only brother.
Her husband passed 5 years ago, and her son is staying with her. She decided recently that she would not drive herself to church anymore. She is 79 or so, and always on oxygen. She is feeling very vulnerable right now. Her name is Mary. She could use a bit of encouragement right now.
Mary has a caregiver who also is going through stuff. She is divorced, ex Military, about 67, and just underwent knee surgery, so she can't walk, and she lives alone. She lives on Social Security and whatever pittance she can earn, which isn't much. After she pays her rent, she still needs money for heating, gas, food, etc. Her name is Barb.
Doreen and I went up to the hospital and prayed with her and for her. She is really
fighting with depression. I think they both are.
My sister's 70 yr old husband is also in a bad way. He is fighting a battle for his life against several nasty cancers trying to take him out. He is losing weight fast.
Please stand in agreement with me for a miracle in all these cases. Bless you

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