Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy Fourth of July

Yeah I know I am a little early here. Don't know how many of these "freedom celebrating holidays was have. July 4th is celebrated at a price. A lot of men and women gave their lives in hopes of themselves and their children living a life free of meddling by the government for dollars.
The world went to war over Adolf Hilter imposing Nazism over the world. Hitler was controlled by the banks, who control the United Nations and the new world order. Nothing is happening outside of God's eyes, nor will His will be thwarted.
Here we are, now at the end of a 26000 year cycle. All of the planets have completed their assigned rotation through all twelve signs of the Zodiac. It takes 26000 years for one complete cycle, and then everything starts anew. What does this mean for me and you?
This new world order don't think like nice folks do. They are convinced that they should control everything since they have all the power, money, and can do any damnable thing they desire. Rumor is that they want to knock off half the world's population right off the bat. Then continue killing people until the world's population is down to 500 million. That calls for killing off a lot of people. Most of us don't want to be killed off, and will do everything in our power to stop this from happening.
They want to take our guns, food, money, and make slaves of us. They will then work us to death, without food, and then grind us up for mulch.
This is all being financed by the friendly local bankers, in union with corrupt politions, businessmen, and miliatry.

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