Saturday, January 8, 2011

As the Sky Darkens, the Light begins to Shine

You know, each and every one of us has to have a hope for the future.  In the political times we live in, all mankind is suffering, except those with deep pockets.  At least it may appear that way, because money does not cure all evils.  In fact, it is the love of money which has led the world down this path towards certain disaster. "Unless God build the house, they labor in vain that build it".   

God has been kicking everyone's idols in the backside.  Its like the Ark of the Covenant being taken into the
temple of Dagon.  The idol didn't fare so well.  Freaked out the idol worshipers.  I relate this to people placing all of their faith in money, or the government, or anything except the One Living God who created us all. I believe Him to be All Present (Omniscient), All Powerful (Almighty), and His Character, I believe, is LOVE.  Good Stuff!  He is also Holy, Loving, Caring, Forgiving, Generous, and disciplines the ones He loves.  Generally, if one is having a bunch of grief all the time, you can bet your booties that person is violating some law of God or other.  The Good News is, we can change.  
I believe the Comet Hale-Bopp is a heavenly sign which signified a major event.

Obama ran for President with the promise of change.  Change can be either good or bad, depending on whether you benefit from it or not. My prayer is that God will remove the wicked counselors from around the President, and will replace them with righteous, wise, just counselors.  We don't need any more corrupt officials.  We need leaders with balls, who will stand up and say, NO!  Lets turn this nation around. Our own wicked ways have drawn these disastrous events on ourselves.  Somewhere in the Bible, it points out that the "shed blood of the innocent cries out for revenge", and "vengeance is Mine, I will repay says the LORD".  It gets really spooky when you realize that the "wicked which is thy sword" (Psalm 17).  

So now we got these 50 million or so killed babies.  We call them "fetuses", instead of babies, which is what they are. We snuffed out a bunch of potential doctors, lawyers, and nurses, taxpayers, all of whom would have contributed to the growth and strength of our nation.  That is a lot of shed blood, and these little unborn infants have been heard on high, in the spirit realm.  We have become as Rome before she perished by foreign invaders.  God has seen our sin, our utter lack of repentance, our lusting continuously after every evil way.  Our cities are filled with violence.  Humans acting in utter depravity, and the more depraved, the more it screamed for. 

Madmen blowing themselves and as many as they can take with them, blow themselves out of their personal hell, and bring a lot of innocent people with them.  God don't dig that too much.  At least, not my God, the One who created us all.  He's tough.  He's got Angels.  He can smack 185000 fools dead with the order to an Angel of Death.  He can do anything He desires, and will do everything He declared by His prophets.  
We are at the end of all ages as we have ever known them.  The New World Order actually intends to significantly reduce the population of the world.  The have the money, since they own the banks.  They own the armies of the world, since none of the nations can function without the bankers saying yay or nay to the wars.  The Big Business who sell planes, boats, cloths, guns, trucks, uniforms, boots, etc love the benefit of war, since it lines their pockets quite handsomely.  They are very good friends to the US Govt purchasing offices, and are most generous in contributing to the election of any official who can help them get the next profitable contract.  Trips are made, deals are arranged, possibly a palm or two crossing with silver for favors rendered.  Love of money is the root of all evil.  
At the same time, as darkness overshadows the earth in greed. lust, and decadence continue, the Light of Hope is arising.   No amount of darkness can put out the Light of Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God, born of a virgin, and fulfilled hundreds of ancient prophecies.  He even arose from the dead. He died for the sins of all mankind, yet He is hated for His very kindness.  The evil want to walk in darkness and the Light of Christ causes them guilt which they cover by acting angry.  He even forgives them. He loves all of His creation, and all men  are created equal.

The LORD has now begun to strengthen His Church, and is revealing His Glory with great power all over the earth. "All the earth shall be filled with the glory of the LORD just like the waters, cover the sea".
The Church has to date, received the "earnest" of God's promises when He sent the Holy Spirit to keep and lead us at Pentecost.  We are about to experience the FULLNESS of His Spirit, even as Jesus Christ was walking in it. Little Children are working miracles as everyday expectations in Africa.  How exciting is that?  Can you imagine little kids rushing to see who gets to pray for the blind or deaf first.  Check out Heidi Baker's ministry.  Bless them all!


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