Friday, January 28, 2011

The Chinese are Coming!

The following link comes as a big shock to me. Why have we not heard anything in our press, major media, newspapers, etc. about this?
It appears that the United States is being reformed into a different nation with the Chinese form of communism as its government.
The LORD told me in 1999 that America's power was being given to the Chinese. I wasn't sure I heard correctly, but the ensuing years and changes in events reveals the truth of that word.
I now see Chinese announcers, owners, etc, all over the media networks. We used to only see Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan, but now there are Chinese news anchors on most airwaves now. America owes China billions of dollars in balance of trade deficits. The Scripture says that the "borrower is servant to the lender". We are a bankrupt nation on the very precipice of the worst economic collapse mankind has ever faced.
There is massive collusion between the governments, big business, including the Medical profession, and Big Pharms, not to mention the bankers. Us Christians, Jews, and Muslims all believe in God. None of the Communists do. The only value placed on human life is how much money or work can it do for the bankers, who actually own everything. These same people are planning to reduce the world's population by up to 90% according to the Georgia Stonehedge.
There is a new pseudo trade law called the "Codex Alementarius" which will kill or slowly kill of up to 3 billion people, and we are all being drawn into it. This "codex" is requiring all beef to use "bovine growth hormone" which is insane, except for certain chemical and drug companies who sell it.
Same with flouride in the water. The Nazis learned that fluridation makes a passive poplulation. Our people only care for the latest weather reports, what the actors are wearing, the latest fashions, or who won what ball game. We are being dumbed down intentionally in order for the New World Order to take this nation over as slaves for the bankers. They want to take away all of our weapons, so we can't defend ourselves, and then kill off the "useless eaters". They have no desire to care for our elderly, and probably will dismantle all of our social security programs. Don't I sound enthusiastic about the future? Hmmm... I hope I am wrong.


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