Saturday, January 28, 2012

Welcome to 2012!

Hi Everybody,
Don't know if anyone will ever read this, but, here I am. I will never be the same since reading this article. I am disappointed in our poor judgement of leadership. I believe that each is doing the ver best that he/she is capable of considering the duress and stress they are each under. Each politician is damned if he does, and damned by the opposition if he does! Still, why would someone spend $40 million to land a $2 million job? Must be the Percs.
He can never win. His life is under a constant microscope, and he is fully aware that there are penalties for failure, potentially permanent.
Our job is to pray for those in charge. I ask The Source of All to dispatch His Angels into the midst of this foray that is roiling in the invisible heavenlies. The is an inner war raging that is reflected in the present.
At some point we awaken to the fact that our government, parents, teachers, politicians, preachers, and every actor and actress on TV, has lied to us. Every one of those on TV are paid to lie to you. They lie about the products they present.
The medical community, the court system, the military/industrial marriage is all about making money, and reducing the population while lining their own pockets. Corruption is rampant because all moral barriers have been removed by design. The result is not only corruption, but complete moral degradation. When leadership embraces pedaphilia, God's messengers arise with new zeal, and fresh anointing from the Divine to accomplish His Will. Nothing can stop the true Power of God from falling on those involved in the evil. God judges every action.
Newton's Law, "For every action, there is an equal, but opposite reaction". In other words,"Whatsover a man soweth, so shall he also receive". Each man will ultimately be judged, with the corresponding reaction coming into one's life.
I suggest we all sow love, then all we can receive is love. Not perversion, but, self sacrificing love. You know the kind of love I mean? That which gives, even if it means going without yourself. God supplies every need, and His Angels are available to the beck and call (prayer) of every "Believer". It only requires that you believe it will happen if you ask.
My Jesus said, "Ask, and it shall be given. Seek and ye shall find. Knock, and it shall be opened. For ALL who ask, shall recieve. He who seeks shall find, and to him who knocks, the door shall be opened." Do you think Jesus was telling the truth, or lying? If He was telling the Truth, then all things are possible to you. If you think He was lying, you are still walking according to your own knowledge, not faith. This Christ Consciousness thing is a walk of faith. Its only possible to see it by believing first. If you wait to believe only when you see it, you will never see it. It is only perceived by faith.
I believe that we have come to the end of the Ages, as we have known them. The New Age is here, and we, as a species, have achieved the ability to completely destroy ourselves via science born out of greed, lust, fear, and hatred. None of these attributes can be found in the God of Love, for He Is LOVE!
This God is capable of EVERYTHING. Nothing exists outside of Him. HE IS. The Sacred Scriptures also declare "As He IS, so are we, in this world". He is the Author of All. That includes light, sound, color, frequencies, air, anything that is maniest, is manifested OUT OF HIM, IN YOU! Sin separates your awareness of His Divine Presence. Jesus died on a cross for all of the sin of mankind. That includes your sin also. Give him your life, and He will give you His Life, and that more abundant.
Learn how to manifest His Presence at all times. It is possible to fly, teleport to other locations, anywhere in the universe, at a mental command, if you know how. Some call this having "out of body" experience. Others call it Quantum Jumping. Still others call it "Time Traveling". Through the science of sound and color, via entrainment, it is possible to create anything. The Matrix is the truth of reality.
It is reported that the Earth Frequency, also called the Schumann Frequency, has increased drastically in the last ten years or so.
Right now we are in the midst of the greatest Solar Storm ever known to man. The Solar Flares are blasting the universe with massive amounts of Radiant Energy. We are absorbing this energy and our DNA and cells must reaction to this energetic input. The Source of ALL knows what He is doing, and our lives are hid in Him, by faith.
We have heard myriad reports of UFOs appearing everywhere since the Roswell Incident in 1947. Lots of alien abductions, with experimentations on their bodies. The Nome Alaska abductions, Area 51, underground tunnels, trains, hollow earth , inner world giants, planetary alignments, One World Government, FEMA, etc, are all enough to make you question what the hell reality is?
I would prefer if they left fluoride out of my water, aspartame and silicone out of my food. In fact, I would prefer that Monsanto kept its Genetic Modifications out of my food supply. Lets get natural. I like liberty, freedom, wealth, joy, peace, love, a good meal, healthy choices, and honest politicians. Any corrupt public official should be brought to justice, according to Constitutional Law. We should repeal whatever act got rid of Posse Comitatus. I love our boys in uniform, being a US Marine for 4 years.
As a servant of God, my job is to pray and release angels. My job is to be a light shining in the darkness. If God be for me, anyone who screws with me is gonna have my Daddy to deal with. The Lord is my Shield and Strength. All I own is His. I don't even own my own life. Neither do you, whether you realize it or not.
Because you have read this, I pronounce the Word of God active over your life. If you do evil, bad stuff gonna be happening to you. If you work to bless me and others, I pronounce blessings over your life, for He that is in me, is greater than he that is in the world.
You will never be the same. Click the link below and prepare to get your mind blown.

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