Thursday, October 27, 2011

October Fest and Unlimited Power

Unlimited Power
We are the creatures brought forth from eternity, for such a time as this. According to Scriptures, we have been made in the Image and Likeness of God. Jesus said that he who had seen Jesus HAD seen the Father. Also, the Father and I are One. He is the light that lights up every man. He is LIFE, to those that find Him. He lives deep within us, the "Secret Place" of the Most High. He is Spirit and invisible. He manifests His Presence in many ways, and all of them subtle. There sure have been some remarkable things happening in the heavenlies, such as the spiral appearing over Copenhagen or somewhere. How about UFOs? ETs? Aliens? Comets Elenin, Planetary Alignments, Entering into the Seventh Day of the LORD, since one day with the LORD is as a thousand years. But that Seventh Day is a day of rest. There are those who believe that their personal frequencies are rising and time is speeding up. There seems to be an intense battle going on for men's souls.
Have you ever heard of Agharta, a land contained within "Hollow Earth". There is reportedly an entire Inner Earth, with entries at the North and South Poles. In addition, it is inhabited by various "supermen", called "Aryans". This information was posted on the net by some 70+ year old German fellow who was privy to it. He showed Photos, old Nazi films of Flying Saucers. I never thought I would believe what these anomalies represent. This is the time Jesus spoke of in the Bible starting at Matthew 24.
What price will a man give for his own soul? Surely, a soul is above priceless, because it is a living manifestation of the One True God. He is the Sum of all Light, Power, Glory, Majesty, Strength, and He is also Loving, Kind, Forgiving, Compassionate, Full of Mercy, and has only love and forgiveness for the worst of sinners. Somewhere it is written, "As He Is, so are we in this world". Love not your life unto death. The grave could not hold Jesus Christ. Christ is our Life and He is our Head. As He IS, so WE IS.
Of course, its going to take some digesting to get ahold of that. If you don't believe it, you are right!
HOWEVER, If you DO Believe it, and act on it, you will probably be persecuted like Jesus was. The Good News is that "If God be for you, who can stand against you?
I am convinced there is a whole lot of truth about frequencies and colors being able to manipulate reality, such as lasers and X-rays. The mind is a powerful, REPROGRAMMABLE, supercomputer. It has been domonstrated that the mind can be manipulated externally via microwaves or Extremely Low Frequencies or ELF. Perhaps you've invested the HAARP system up in Alaska, like Jesse Ventura did. They would'nt even let him in. He is a former state govenor, ex Navy Seal, and former professional wrestler. The battle in the heavenlies is being manifested now in the financial realm. That which can be shaken, will be shaken. The finances are being turned upside down. All that folks have come to put their trust in is being wiped away. The only thing that will be left is The LORD! The Good News is that the LORD is LOVE!
He's sent some of His messengers, like angels, ministers, prophets, etc among us. I can only highly recommend that each of us prepare our hearts before the LORD because the final battle is at hand. Who do you believe holds the "Unlimited Power"? I have never seen power freely given. Only forcefully does power change hands. "The kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force." I believe that our God reigns. He reigns in us, and we have angels at our disposal, through faith in Jesus Christ's victory at Calvary, in Jerusalem. Hallelujah! Here are some amazing things He has done.""

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