Friday, October 28, 2011

The Road Set Before Us

The history of the world reveals that mankind has been around a lot longer than we originally thought. Man's time on the planet is considered between 6,000 and millions of years.  Written languages were limited in the ages they confer.  God really knew what He was doing when He transformed the Babylonians at the Tower of Babel.  The oldest KNOWN writings were from Sumer.  The language was Sumerian. I suspect man has been around much longer than 6000 years.   The reason being a coal miner in Pennsylvania found a man-made artifact that was at least 300,000 yrs old, some 300 feet underground, in the bed of coal.  How did it get there?  Another of life's mysteries for us to consider. Even more Mysterious Artifacts are out there, and I am positive we have barely scratched the surface here.
Have you ever heard of the Land of AGHARTA?  It is considered  another entire world, located in our "Hollow Earth".  Check out this diagram:Atlantean Model of Inner Earth Its also called "Inner Earth", and it reportedly contains a city called "Shamballah".
I'll give you more soon......

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