Tuesday, December 8, 2009

December 7, 1941

WWI was supposed to be "the War to end all wars". They even formed the League of Nations which would impose peace over the nations. Something was wrong with that picture. Hells bells, there was just too much money to be made manufacturing tanks, airplanes, bombs, rockets, motors, bullet, blankets, ponchos, tents, c-rations, uniforms, boots, etc. Ah hah, say's the greater murderers. Lets form a new group, all it the United Nations, put all the power and wealth of the League of Nations in it, and call it "for peace". Peace means the entrenched power elite could no longer line their pockets at taxpayers expenses, and simultaneously continue to reduce the world's poplulation, expecially of the "inferior races". The UN sucks.
America was pretty sneaky. They secretly brought several thousand Nazi scientists from Germany to America and put them to work, continuing the research they were doing for the Nazi's. Whats up wit dat?
Now I believe that I have the Holy Spirit and that He actually speaks to me. He warned me that America would be attacked in early May of 2001. This prophetic word was fulfilled with the  attack which occurred on Sept 11. Everything about that attack stinks of inside collaboration and treason by enemies of the people of the United States.
The unmasking of this deception would result in charges of treason under the Constitution of the United States. Those who are capable of blowing up the World Trade Center, the Twin towers, and the Meany Bldg in Oklahoma City are also powerful enough to control all press and media in the US.
The Holy Spirit told me recently that America would be attacked again, only this time it would be 70 times 7 worse than before. I realize this statement puts me into the category of "nutso". May all who think so be correct. I figure about 3000 souls bought the farm on 9/11. 70x7=490. 490x3000 souls equals about 1 million.
That means an all out attack in many places at the same time, or simply one nuclear explosion in someplace like NYC or Seattle. Don't matter if you are one who is killed. It matters a bunch if you happen to be one of the survivors.
Who are America's enemies?
The poor that we have fed in other nations? Those who possess the limited resources needed to continue living as the richest nation on earth? Those who control multinational corporations who have interlocking directorates with governments and banks? Those who love their power and position and will do anything to keep it.
I heard rumor of 400,000 soldiers stationed in cities throughout America that wear no uniforms. I suspect they aren't US soldiers either. Who sent them here? Why are they under cover, and not wearing the uniform the of the nation they represent?
Is AIDS a manmade disease, targeting the minorities? Look at the devastation of Africa by this horrible disease. The new kid on the block is Swine Flu. This is also a manmade disease. Why do all doctors in US have to send flu sam;les to CDC instead of examining them in local labs?
Is there a secrecy pact between the medical community, the military, and the shadow government.
Why isn't the government controlling the banks instead of the banks controlling the government? Who is running the show? Is God in charge, or the shadow government?
After giving this some thought my solution is, it don't matter. We are all going to die, even the richest of the rich, who think that through technology they will live forever. They will, but not in those bodies. God is bigger, smarter, tougher, and shows His secrets to His own. He alone is the hope of mankind, and I think He is about ready to spring His own surprize on mankind.
We humans are so absolutely arrogant, selfish, merciless, and greedy that there is no hope for us outside of the Living God.
Religion has convinced some innocent, gullible people that they can please God by blowing themselves off the planet, and take as many infidels as they can with them.
The Green Power movement is all for this, as long as they aren't getting blown up. It means less mouths to feed on the planet.
The One World Government's ultimate goal is the reduction of earth's population by 90%. I don't think that Christians, Muslims, or any of the minorities qualify to be among the remnant. The LORD told me that the spirit that controlled Nazi Germany was now living in the United Nations. That tells me that the UN leadership is anti Semitic, and anti Christian, as well as against the Muslims. In other words, any group that is not "Aryan" by birth, is garbage to them, and disposable. They have no regard for the value of human lives, except as slaves or servants, to take care of their needs.
My faith is that Jesus Christ will manifest as the Lion of the tribe of Judah, and as Savior of the World. I don't believe Christ is matreya, buddah, or the mahdi. I think He is Jesus. The same one that went to the cross for the sins of whosoever will accept him.
In Isaiah 26, he tells us to "enter into your chambers until the indignation be past". I believe we are seeing the beginnings of "the indignation". We have been warned for thousands of years to "be ready". But few are. "Hope deferred makes the heart sick". and "where is the promise of His coming'. His patience has been our salvation, because we mankind have screwed up His perfect creation pretty thoroughly.

Be on the lookout for New Heavens and new earth inside. We are all spirit beings living in temporary body bags. We must transcend death to see eternal life. Spooky stuff eh matie?

Better get some peace, love and joy while you can. It can only be found in Jesus Christ, who lives in a different dimension, its called the "spiritual one". Since we are beings of light, whether you see it or not, realize that you will live forever, but where? God says heaven for the heavenly minded, and who knows where for those that aren't?

I guess its time for war on the "Church".  This church is not Christ's Church, for in His Church dwells no darkness at all. Not pedophiles, or murderers or supposed Leaders of the faith. Christ is the Head of every man, unless of course, he himself, in his pride, sits on that throne.  That one will die.  The first won't.
My ramblings are over and you can shoot your barbs at this time in the comments section.


  1. I also feel that the time is at hand.
    a lot of people now think that the mark will come in the way of innoculation for a contagion that will soon threaten all of us with more force than the H1N1 and very possibly because the H1N1 mutates further on its next go around.
    this will require all of us being forced to get the shot in order to publicly interact with one another. and without it we could not publicly buy or sell.
    this would require something that would identify a person young or old that they have in fact received the shot. food for thought.
    you are not ignorant or foolish in your ramblings.
    they actually are proof that you have come out of your deep sleep.
    the truth has set you free.
    continue to discern there is a lot of BS right now. even what i wrote is not provable at this point it was just the thoughts of another person that was waking and it left me wondering too.

    only your own people will think of you as foolish.
    enjoy your Amendment rights while you have them.
    the world is so full of FALSE/FAUX and out right lies that many of us are searching for the truth and i dont think any will be surprised that it will lead them straight to our Lord.
    how can it not.
    God is the begining and the end and the only real truth our there.
    many obstacles with be in their way but God is the only WAY so they will overcome if they continue their search and they will not be disappointed.
    can you remember how love felt before you invited Christ into your heart?

  3. Thank you for your comments on my site. I really, really, appreciate knowing that I am not doing this in vain. Let Christ arise and His enemies (death, defeat, darkness, lack, sickness,etc) be scattered. Let God in Christ arise in your heart even more.