Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New Year!

Good bye to 2009, and good riddance. In thinking about this, I realize that I have been "ungrateful" for the enlightening experiences the past year brought. God has been very good to me. He's provided for every need, including, washer/dryer, car, chopping wood, provided for every meal, etc. Wow, have we been blessed. We are still in a nation that is "free". Thank you Lord God for every blessing You have given. Thank you for choosing US to give eternal life to.
This has been a really trying year for nearly everyone I know. Societal norms have been under attack at all levels. For instance, my wife and I caught a scene on one of the Soaps, exalting homosexuality. Doreen got so mad she wrote them complaining. Our new president just hired a gay activist and put him in charge of the curriculum for the children of the nation. What do you suppose his opinions will do to the things the kids are taught as "normal".
America's finances are down the tube. Our government has given ownership of the nation's resources and assets to the banks. Thanks Mr. President. We Americans just are thrilled to pieces giving almost all of our money to the banks or the government in taxes. We also appreciate all the of deception and lies presented by bank controlled medias. These are only surface things.
I recently found out it costs the US Taxpayer ONE MILLION DOLLARs a year to have ONE soldier in Afganistan. Somebody is getting really rich in a hurry. Its a marriage of big business and government. The banks tell the government what they want, set the laws to favor themselves, and use the Police and National Guard to control us mindless masses.
I heard a "rumor" that there were between 250,000 and 400,000 undercover military agents in the country. They do not wear uniforms. Somehow, our Constitution has been by-passed, and Posse Comitatus is eliminated. The prohibits US Military personnel from being used against US Citizens. I think the government has moved from a Constitutional Republic to a Fascist State.
America has set a new record for fairness. We now have over 2,000,000 US citizens in prison, the vast majority for drug misuse. Our young people have little hope for every moving up in the world the way things are. If you lose your driver's license for booze or drugs, your liberty is also lost. I personally believe we should legalize marijuana, just to clear the courts, and maybe empty the jails.
I just heard on the news there is a move to legalize it in the state. Medical MJ is okay here, Two of my family members have "the card". Its been very helpful for the one with cancer. I find my attitude has changed. As a "minister", I would not condone the use of pot, unless it was legal.
Oh well, now that I've let that cat out of the bag, I wonder what comments I'll get.
Well, 2010 is nearly here, and I pray that it will be year of positive change and true spiritual growth for our land. I pray every liar, thief, crooked politicion, corrupt official in high places, perverted scriptwriter and producer, etc, will move to another planet. Lets also replace the FCC Administrator with a conservative.
Well, I believe that if we visualize our dream as having it in hand, and keep working toward it, we will see our dreams come true. May our Heavenly Father cause righteousness to fall down like rain upon our land.

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