Thursday, October 22, 2009

Truth or Consequences?

Thank you for stopping by. Have never had a comment on any of my blog articles. It is apparent that nobody is reading them. Never a kind word or encouragment, or even to say, knock it off. A simple wall of blind or ignorant indifference. Doesn't matter, because, "I have decided to follow Jesus". No turning back. He offers no middle ground. He's an "all or nothing" kind of God. He gave His "All" for us, and He says, "the disciple is not above His Master". If you hate what I write, you probably hate My Savior and His Father, Who is also my Father, which makes Jesus my Brother.
YOu think thats confusing? His Mother Mary gave birth to a child. This Child was different from any ever born before. She was giving birth to her Everlasting Father,
Almighty God, her Son, and her Brother in Christ. Talk about a confusing relationship. My Jesus is pretty versatile and has to wear a lot of hats. He now looks like a lot of different people as well. There are an unknown number of folks walking around who have died to their "self", and the Spirit of the Living God has taken up residence there. The day is upon us wherein "all creation groaneth, waiting the revealing of the sons of God. This is the season, and I believe the hour of His appearing. His revealing is not to the naked eye, but inside and just to His Chosen Ones.
Along with this revealing is also an "unveiling" of His Nature withing them. This also their tranformation that enables them to love their "lives Not" unto death. Its His crown of glory they seek, and not their own. These have been tried in the fire, refined as it were, seven times in the furnace of afflication, and have been purified from their wickedness and iniquity and found worthy in His Holy Eyes for
His habitation.
The Bride of Christ has prepared herself and made herself ready for the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. The table is almost set, but there are a few seats still available, but only to those who are willing to humble themselves, and come to Him in meekness. He is Love. Really, to Know Him is to love Him, for He is Love.

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