Saturday, October 17, 2009

About Big Brother

Howdy Y'all,
I bring you greetings from my Big Brother. His name is Jesus Christ and He loved us enough to die on a cross for us to inherit His kingdom. He told us the Kingdom is at hand, and that if we would but believe on (have faith in) Him and the Power of His Name on earth and in heaven, for He is LORD of both. He is the Same, yesterday, today and forever.
I have learned that He places special favor on those that actually believe Him, and act upon it. Those that see no results from using His Name are probably praying from the flesh and not the Spirit.
Jesus told us that the Kingdom is "not of this world", and that we are to "be in the world but not of it". For this to be so, we must be "born again from above". You cannot believe in Jesus Christ unless your Name has been written in the Lamb's Book of Life" from the foundation of the earth. Imagine this..."as He is, so are we in this world".
I have learned, and am learning that I can not place any faith in MY mind and thoughts. I can place no faith in anything that smacks of "old nature" which is a dead nature without Christ, the Living Word, giving me His life. I gave Him mine, and, by faith, I have received a new nature, even His very own, which the Word declares that makes me a "partaker" of the Diving Nature. That is were that power of God moves at the very mention of Jesus's Name. Demons gotta flee, but they won't if you don't "believe". "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he". Whatever you
BELIEVE to be true, IS true to you.
Every one of us must get our hearts cleansed from ALL unrighteousness. This can only be done by "putting on Christ" and being "renewed in the Spirit of the Mind", by the "washing of the water of the Word of God. Jesus was the Word of God before anything existed. Whatsoever He says, is Truth, and can be trusted. It must be spoken out to affect the atmosphere. Remember, What things ye desire, when you pray, BELIEVE that you recieve them and you shall have them". Most folks really don't believe HIm. They trust in their finances, personal skills, themselves, and all they can see, or are told by those in whom they have confidence. They simply will not put confidence in Christ's ability to carry them through life. I trusted Him with my death, but not my life. Now, coming to learn of His true Nature through His Word, and fellowship in the Spirit, I find that He is truly Love. That is His very Essence and is Maniested to us by the power of the Holy Spirit, which is God's Presence on the earth. He lives in our hearts, and is only revealed to those who are looking for His appearing.
His enemies are your enemies. They are sense and reasoning, the entire fleshly nature, doubt and unbelief. "They that be Christ's HAVE crucified their flesh and the lusts thereof." I sure want to be Christ's complete possession, to give Him liberty and freedom to do whatsoever He chooses with and through me. He da Boss, and I ain't. I asked Jesus to reveal the Father's love to me, and He revealed Christ to me. He sent His Very Spirit into my heart through faith. I simply asked Him to fill me with that same Love found in Jesus. He did. Praise Ye the LORD!

Wait 'til you hear Jesus call you "brother". He addressed me once as Brother Pat. It blew my mind, but showed me that we have the Same Father. "Call no man on earth your father, for Your Father is God". I had a hard time with Catholic Priests, who have decided that somehow, God the Father had given them His Title. I just call them brother. I want God "fer me and not agin me". Thats why I put ALL of my faith, trust, and hope in my Kinsman Redeember, even Jesus Christ, Creator of heaven and earth. Why don't you just humble your stupid, arrogant, blind ego to the Lordship of Christ, and you shall be "saved". What do ya say to God? Nah, I don't need no saving. I will never die and that its only a transition. OR 'Ya know,God I believe You exist. If You were really in Jesus and He is the only Savior, will you reveal Him to my heart. I ask for Your Love to be revealed to me. Come into my heart Lord Jesus and save me. Please?
If you got balls enough to do that, then you are going to get your mind blown. He WILL come and be with you.
Your servant in Christ

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