Saturday, October 3, 2009


Its Saturday, Oct 3. I was given a DVD titled "BORAT" by my son who offered "Its a really good film". I have been around for nearly 65 years but this film is the most uncivilized film I ever watched. The film embraces sex as okay with anyone or anything, nothing is out of bonds. Parent/child, brother/sister, homosexuality, etc, were all condoned as acceptable practices. It was completely anti Semitic as well. Lets put it this way, it was totally depraved. Destroy a copy if you can.
Folks, this film is a sample of the depravity to which man has fallen from God. My wife and I are ministers of the Gospel, but for her "church raised" son to say it was "good" tells me he is in deep darkness. It tells me the kind of things is age group "young adult" finds acceptable. This a generation of young that has not "put on Christ", believed or received the Gospel. It tolerates anything, and if you speak against such behavior, it is called a "hate crime". American has fallen into deep darkness thanks to its enemies. There is no free press. All of the newspapers, radio and television stations belong to just a few giant corporations, in collusion with the government, about what is permissable.

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