Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Fat Chance!

I recieved a comment on my last blog wondering what was up with "fat chance". I just want to comment that I didn't think I would be attending based upon my finances.
For me, it is one indication of the leading of the Spirit. I figure it this way, "If its God's will, then its also God's bill." Where God leads, He also supplies, or makes provision. With this understanding, I have been sent by Him to the Ukraines, Mexico, Boston, Philadelphia, DC, California several times, Nebraska, plus this conference. I am convinced that "My God shall supply all of your needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus".
None of us believed on the Lord Jesus Christ on our own. God snuck up on us and gave us this mysterious substance called "faith". He drew each of us to Christ, and those who accepted His offer (free gift) of redemption through the atonement, are ushered on into His kingdom. I remind God, when I am struggling, that this problem is His. I didn't give my "self" faith to believe, it was from Him. I figure God is big enough, Fatherly enough, and gracious enough to handle anything that comes His way.
When I really struggle, I call upon Him as Comforter, and ask Him to come and put His big arms around me. Even though I is gittin mighty old, I am still a big baby. He is still my Momma Hen, and I be His baby chick. Lets face it folks, this is the Maker of heaven and earth we are talking about. He is smarter than you and I will ever be. He is both outside and within time, and knows the end from the beginning. He knew how much each one of us would screw up our lives before He ever gave it to us. That tells me He forgave my sins even before they were committed. Selah!
How is it that our lives were "hidden in Christ Jesus before the foundation of the world"? (Eph 1:4-11).
This God that I serve is soooo Amazing. His name is Wonderful (Isaiah 9:6). That word Wonderful means literally "difficult to understand". That is God. He is NO Thing, and yet He is Everything. Go figure....
Anyway, thank you to Anonymous for bring "fat chance" up. It really caused me to reflect on what I was thinking. Fat chance means I didn't have to exercise faith to recieve His leading. He showed His will in what He did. You are loved~

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  1. I was wondering where you had been the past few days i thought maybe your health had worsened.
    I have been keeping you and your wife in my prayers.
    I had found myself struggling the past few days with my own stumbling blocks.
    Remember that i mentioned that i dont think that i found your blog by accident.
    Well today you re-affirmed that by actually giving me the words that i needed to go over that old stumbling block as if had been a tiny pebble the whole time.
    thank you with all of my heart.