Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Information Age

The comet Hale-Bopp was a prophetic sign, as was the star that the Three Wise Men noted and followed. It signified that this was a warning to the world to prepare for the second coming of Christ. It signifies that that which was Hale (healthy), is about to be Bopped.

I think I've only had one visitor who remained anonymous. He or she, was a Beleiver and said I should just go to my secret place in Christ, and it would all be good. I believe that and I do. He alone is my Comforter. I even sleep with my Bible. How weird is that? At least I am holding onto the "Word of God".

"The times they are achanging" is part of the lyrics to an old song. They really are.
Just learned the gov has planted 350,000 government agents all over our land. Our special friends Home land s ecurity is recruiting the boy scouts of am. and training them in search and destroy tactics. Wassup wit dat? There have been all kinds of secret gov orgs being set up to spy on us. I dont doubt that any who stand up vocally for liberty, freedom, democracy, freedom of speech, or in any way verbalize or vocalize their discontent with gov practices are targeted as "terrorists". This includes people who claim rights under the con stitution, libertarians. I wonder why our pres gave 1+ trillion dollars to banks and took over our auto industry. Folks, something stinks here. I learned that home land sec. has been having meetings with your children in school and offering rewards of $200 for information on their parents. Whaaaaat? Anyone who is a vocal Christian, expescially if he "speaks in tongues", is classified as terrorist. Wassup wit dat?

I am fully aware that every email message, every phone call, every program that you watch over cable, and every action you take is monitored by the gov. I feel like a Jew in nazi germany, with brown shirts or gestapo everywhere. If they want you gone, you will disappear in the middle of the night by black clad, heavily armed thugs who are paid to eliminate any opposition.

The nation has been bankrupt since 1933 and totally controlled by vested interests in big business and wall streeters. Our pres is amazing at how quickly he has enslaved us further, consolidated all government power under his administration, passed laws against the people, and for more gov contr

I guess I am a bit down by all this. I can see why Jesus said to be in the world, but not of it. If you haven't put on Christ, you better. There are lots of emptry Fema centers awaiting some event. I suspect mar tial law is in the air soon. Check out ""

I miss America. She was wonderful when the righteous prevailed. Wickedness has invaded our nation at the deepest and highest levels. The people and property of the US have been pledged as security to pay the debts on the loans to the fed. Even that is shocking. The banks own the US Gov, not the taxpayers. The Federal Reserve is totally owned by the banks, and has never been audited. Did you know that the three presidents who came against a "Central Bank" were assassinated? We are simply slaves. Very soon, the taxes are going to skyrocket. Many of us are going to find out for sure if we are willing to die for Jesus' sake.

There is a famine on the way, right now. Food and energy prices are about to explode out of sight. Us old folks on social security have already been targeted as "useless eaters" and we are therefor not "sustainable". Folks over 65 don't get flu shots?
Oh, don't forget about "hate crimes". That means you cannot use anything in the Bible to condemn perverted practices. The Man's first order of business was to sign into law, "partial birth abortion". The blood of the innocent (50 million of em} cries out to God for vengeance. Violence fills our land, as it did just before Noah entered into the Ark, and the wicked of the world were destroyed. I think its about to happen again, only this time, by fire. Hello! Anybody listening. Next he appoints a gay rights activist to control the info being taught to your kids in school. This includes gay stuff being presented as normal and healthy. Wassup wit dat?

I read one document that said that the New World Order plans to quickly eliminate all but 500 million people. Sure hope that was bogus. I don't trust the gov no more.
Don't trust the police, new casts, cable companies, etc. Not since I learned that there are secret cameras and microphones in digital convertor boxes, and in some TVs.
The gov has got some incredibly clever ways of accumulating info.

All of this is in preparation for the final enslavement of the free world, in subservience to the one world gov. The US middle class is nearly Kaputsky.
I love my country, and I pray it, and you, my fellow countryman. Learn how to live with a lot less, and very soon. Happy Veteran's Day.

Finally, our hope and trust is in God. He will not utterly make an end of the US, but we are in for a wrestling match. God knows His own, and is fully in charge of all that is. Nothing escapes His all seeing eye, and I'm not talking about the one on the dollar bill. That one is big brother. In Truth, my Big Brother has more clout that the New World Order. All He has to do is Speak, and everything changes. He gives us some insights in Matthew 24 and in Zechariah and in the Book of Joel.

Jesus is coming for His Bride. Are you prepared? Are you walking in righteousness? If not, than you about to be tested. I pray that all who read this will be accounted worthy to avoid the trial which is coming on all flesh. Yeah, I know that its doom and gloom. Thats only because, that is how I see it. Its possible its just the result of looking too closely at these things. I also see the glorious side of things also. The sleeping church is about to come to a rude awakening. God says that judgement must begin at the house of God. The true church will not fold in this hour, but will shine like the sun. Persecution only pours gasoline on the fires of revival. Look at China. There are more Christians there than in US.

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