Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Its In the Sowing....

What a difference a day can make. Scripture says, whatsoever a man sows, that shall he also reap. Went to church on Sunday, and wife and I agreed to give our last $8 to the LORD via the offering. I never write a check so we almost always give cash.

Now I had received a brochure for a conference that I thought I would like to attend, but they wanted $50+ to go. If my wife went it would be $70 or so, but at the door it would be more. I recall saying to the LORD, "Well, If you want me to go, then You'll have to pay my way." Thinking "fat chance".

I have an old friend, and brother in the LORD that I lost contact with several years ago. We both happened to have changed our home phone numbers about the same time. His Mother had passed on and he had moved to her home out of his apartment.

Turns out he had been trying to locate me for a couple years, and managed to run across my brother's phone number, whom he called, who gave him my home phone number.
Well, he called me and told me that he was coming up, to go to a conference and wondered if I would like to go with him, and he would cover the expenses. I learned it was the same conference I had talked to the LORD about 2 months earlier. I agreed.
He picked me up and off we went. Upon registration he decided to pay my wife's way as well as mine. Praise The LORD! It cost him about $100 for just us. Then he decided we should eat out and paid for dinner. Hurrah, its been a few months since we actually ate out. Then, before he left for home, he handed me a $100 bill. Wow?
I asked God to bless him with a 100 fold return, and quickly.

Well, our furnace went out at the same time. In addition, my brother called me up to have breakfast with him, and told me his wife was feeling poorly. I decided to go over later and pray for her. I prayed up a storm with my brother in agreement. Once I finished praying, we chatted a bit, and I mentioned that the furnace had died, it is about 40 years old. The LORD put it on their heart to offer to pay for the repair of the furncae. Then, Sunne quietly left the room while my brothe and I chatted. She returned and handed me two bills. I thought they were $20 bills, but I
was wrong, they were $100s. YOu can imagine my surprize. I almost wept. No, I actually did weep. I can be a big baby sometimes. I was and am, very grateful for the goodness of God.

This is Wednesday. Since Sunday morning, without me asking anybody for anything, except making my prayers known unto God. Since then, God has bought us two great meals in a restaurant, gave us $300 cash, gave us an energy efficient heater, and put it on someone's heart to pay to fix our furnace. Goes to show you can't outgive
God. We have decided to see what happens when we sow out of what has been freely given.

An $8 offering has reaped an amazing reward. The principles of the Kingdom of God are the oppositie of the world's system. We didn't labor for what we received. It was all a gift from God. To know HIm is to Love HIM!


  1. I am so happy to read that you do in fact have a special spot to talk to our Lord.
    remember to also just go there and Listen.
    You are a beacon for the light.
    continue to write your thoughts please i have found many truths and comfort in your writings.
    and i dont feel i found your words by accident.

  2. when you gave your last 8.00 it was the living example of the story of THE WIDOWS MITE.
    your gift was far greater than any amount gifted that day.
    i was watching a movie this weekend that was based on a true story and this young lady who was totally penniless and had a new baby. she received a letter from a well wisher who had heard of her dire situation and she enclosed 10.00. the next letter was from a woman who wished she could have sent her some money but could only offer the young lady words of encouragement.
    the young lady then addressed an envelope to the woman who sent her the kind words and enclosed the 10.00 she had received from the first letter.

  3. Patrick
    you are a real treasure find.
    in this last posting of yours you lift up your
    wishes and woes to our Father knowing that you only have to ask with your true heart and you shall receive.
    and then you turned into Thomas the doubter and added-FAT CHANCE.