Monday, November 9, 2009

The River is Rising

This has been a season of much rainfall. First it was drought, now there has been so much rain in the land that records are being blown all over. I expect America to have a very harsh winter. Still, the enemies of God are blinded to the Truth. Scripture says that "Surely the Lord God will do nothing without His revealing it first to His prophets". Father God still has His mouthpieces on the planet. There are everywhere, and invisible until God reveals them.
The Word now is, "much shaking, more natural catastrophies, famine, pestilence, earthquakes" (see Matthew 24 in ur Bible). At the same time, He is releasing a sevenfold level of His Glory on His people.
In the last 100 years, more Believers in Jesus Christ have died for their faith in Him than all of those that died since His first appearing. There is a great revival going on now all over the world. The New World Order is now ready to start flexing more of its muscles in the US and trying to dominate Israel. America was first settled by a group of Calvinists in Jacksonville, Fla in 1565. The Spanish settled St Augustine Fla. near by. The Conquistadors, under the direction of the King of Spain and the Catholic Church ordered the slaughter of the Cavlinists if they would not renounce their faith in Jesus Christ, and swear allegiance to the Catholic Church. They refused, and were slaughtered. Nearly 400 of them died.
God has not forgotten, and neither should we. I did not know of this until recently. God is Faithful. That first shedding of blood, has continued until this very day, where over 50 million innocent babies have been slaughtered from the womb.
The earth is soaked with the shed blood of the innocent, and cries out for vengeance to the Maker of heaven and earth. America, even the whole world, is filled with depravity and violence. This is the same as the days of Noah. For sure, some big time blood shed of the voices of opposition to those sicko evil practices, will try to be silenced. As this happens, many are not willing to stand for Christ, nor to die for Him. This makes them not worthy of the Kingdom.
I am convinced that every true Believer is targeted by agents of the NWO. Still, God is in control, whether it looks like it or not. I urge you to get on your knees, humble yourself before God, and receive Christ as your Saviour. It will make an eternal differnce.

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